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The part motion detectors play in home automation

Fibaro is a motion sensor

Motion detectors are doing a great job in home automation systems by making life tough for burglars. Motion detectors come handy when somehow or the other burglars manage to break in your gate but from there it does not let them enter your home.

Benefits of motion detectors

Motion detectors are of paramount importance forhome automation systems. Be it a home security system, or the other systems that help convert a dumb home into a smart home, they all depend a lot on the motion detectors for a flawless working and efficiency.Motion detectors help making all the other home automation processes even more effective and easy.

For instance, your home security system has motion detectors, the moment a burglar steps into your home or in your garden that is equipped with motion sensors, automatically certain things start happening.

The lights will turn on, the burglar alarm turns on, and many other things happen that are enough to scare away a burglar without even daring to touch a single belonging of yours and run away.The same goes for the motion detectors that help save power at home, by turning off the lights and other electrical appliances if the sensors do not detect any movement or presence in a room for some time.

How motion detectors work

Most of the motion detectors are PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors.The sensors not exactly sense motion but the infrared light or the changes in heat level that occur due to the movements. PIR detectors for instance measure the heat level in a room that rises in the presence of people and drops when the room is empty, thus, sensors interpret these changes as changes in movement.

Some good motion detectors in the market

  • Belkin Wemo home automation switch + motion sensor bundle

A Wi-Fi enabled smart switch gives you a wireless control of the appliances and electronics in your home. It detects motion and automatically switches on or turns off the gadgets and electronics you program it to do. The motion detector sensor in Wemo home automation switch can detect movement from as far as 10 feet away and sends a wireless signal to the switch to turn on or off the devices automatically.

  • Fibaro

Fibaro is a motion sensor

Fibaro is a motion sensor inspired by nature that lets you keep an eagle’s eye on your home.The creators have used the best of state-of-the-art technology and laws of architecture to give birth to this very efficient and helpful motion detector for home automation.

It somehow seems that the device takes inspiration from Egyptians because the design resembles a cat’s eye. Cat is a predator with excellent eyesight, and hearing, and it is believed to be a guardian of people and home since ages, so the design seems ideal for the purpose it performs.

The Fibaro motion sensor is very sharp as it can see wide and far and notices what you the dwellers are unable to see. Its incredible vigilance capability makes it a home security device that is adept at making your home a much safer and a comfortable place to live in. Besides informing you about the plans of burglars and other threatening issues, Fibaro also measures intensity of light, temperature and vibrations.

  • Withings Home

Withings home is not just an ordinary baby cam but also a smart camera that captures videos with its wide-angle lens, improves the quality of life in a home, analyses local sounds to make out the level of happiness or distress in a home, and it tracks your motion through its motion detector sensor.

Home automation devices equipped with motion detectors are lot more efficient and helpfulin making homes smart and secure.

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