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Wearable technology can be a darling for home automation

Nymi is a bracelet

You must have seen use of wearable technology and gadgets in sci-fi films wherein character wear a wearable multi-purpose gadget. Now it is time to get out of the movies into the real world and see wearable technology entering into our lives.

It is making inroads into our lives via home automation technologies. Home automation industry have used numerous technologies to come up with unique and extremely helpful home automation devices and now it is time they are using wearable technology to do the same.

Home automation has made our lives easier and convenient by making our homes connected, and giving us the power to control all the smart appliances and devices from one common point, i.e. your Smartphone.

In its efforts to make people’s lives more convenient, the creative designers thought of wearables that can control so many functions by a few gestures. For instance, people can control smart locks, thermostat, music system, and other not by any manual procedure or by struggling with apps on Smartphone but with few simple gestures.

Benefits of wearable technology in home automation

Wearable technology seems promising enough to take away a lot of problems and inconveniences from people’s lives. Starting with one small instance, imagine yourself coming back home with hand full of groceries and as soon as you reach your doorstep, you start fumbling your pockets and bag for your Smartphone.

You take it out with so much of difficulty and then your struggle starts to find the suitable app to unlock your door, as there are a number of smart apps in your phone. In all this fumbling your hands get tired resulting in spilling over whatever you were holding in your hands.

To escape this difficult and unpleasant situation, you can get the hang of wearable home automation devices. Wearable device stays constantly in touch with your skin, say the Smart Watch that you wear on your wrist. Its continuous contact with your skin helps the device to read your personal data and monitor vital signs.

The small chip inside the wearable gathers all this data about the wearer and then uses that information as the owner’s identity. This identity comes handy when you stand at your door waiting for it to unlock, and it unlocks automatically. You do not need to fumble your pockets or your bag but to point your wearable and rest everything happens on its own.

Home Automation Wearable Gadgets


Reemo is a wearable you are supposed to wear on your wrist and let it control home automation systems such as smart fans, doors, garage doors, vents, thermostat, and many more. Simply point your wristband Reemo towards the device you want to control and slightly move it a bit and the devices will operate.


Misfit is yet another wearable device that is all set to excel in the home automation industry. Misfit is one of cheapest technologies that come equipped with replaceable coin cell battery that works for as long as six months.


HIRIS is a combination of a watch and a tracker and has two modules – the main HIRIS core and additional HIRIS tracker. You use this wearable as a fitness tracker and it keeps a track of your sleep quality, heartbeat, blood pressure, and number of calories burnt. On the other hand, using it as a part of home automation system, then it makes use of your gestures to control the functioning of many smart home devices.


Nymi is a bracelet that takes your heartbeat instead of your fingerprints into consideration. It uses your heartbeat as your identity, which it uses to unlock doors and manage the functioning of other smart home devices.

As it is home automation has done so much to simplify our lives, now its wearable technology has come up with improved promises. Imagine yourself controlling your smart home not while struggling finding appropriate apps but with your simple gestures.

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