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Home Security DIY: Build a security camera network out of old smart phones

Home Security DIY

We have brought for you all one solid reason that is going to convince you not to throw your last generation Smartphone in the trash. And you know what, this one particular change will not just be helpful for you but for the environment altogether, as people will be no more throwing their cell phones in the trash, which will prevent them from forming extremely dangerous landfill sites. This articles is going to teach you a DIY procedure of transforming your old Smartphone into a happening security camera.

Wait and think before tossing it in trash

Wow! A new extremely attractive and fully loaded with new and exciting features, a new Smartphone has just hit the shelves. And what do you do, you reach out for that new cell phone and ditching the older one without giving it a second thought. Well, we all need to get above this reckless behavior because this action of ours cause much damage to the environment, so much as we cannot even imagine.

This is why time and again some or the other solutions keep springing up that kind of motivate and influence people not to throw off such electronics, and rather give them up for recycling. However, this solution that we have got for you is the most compelling and the most beneficial of all. Before tossing it, think about turning it into a very effective and free of cost surveillance system for your home.

You need not spend any additional bucks to do so, as your old Smartphone is already equipped with smart features required in a surveillance system – a camera, voice recorder, video recorder, speakers, and as it is, it is a wireless technology. All you need to do is to look for the best app that helps turn your old and spare Smartphone a security gadget.

There are a number of home security apps available in the market that gives your camera a specific CID number that becomes your code for your personal home surveillance system. To make it work you require a Wi-Fi connection and ensure your phone is always charged.

Apps that help turn your old Smartphone into a security camera

  • Manything iOS app

A free app that turns your old iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a security camera. Simply download the app and your iPhone is all set to work as a security camera with live streaming, motion sensing capability, an IFTTT channel, e-mail alerts and push notifications.

  • People Power Presence iOS app

Quite similar to the Manything app, the People Power Presence app gives your outdated and no more in use iPhone the powers of a security camera that you can use to ensure your home’s security. You can set it to the “home” and “away” modes, so that the security camera works in accordance. This app helps you feel secure in your home without spending extra money to buy an expensive home surveillance device.

  • MindHelix Rico

MindHelix is a startup that has come up with Rico, a cute little device that has so many sensors to it, which ensure you live with peace in your home. This cute puppy like device houses sensors to detect motion, temperature, humidity, smoke, and carbon dioxide in your home, so whenever it finds something fishy, it alerts you via notifications. You can place you old Smartphone inside Rico, and it brings into use the camera, and voice recorder of your cell phone, thus, making a superb home surveillance system.

Making DIY security systems with your old Smartphone not just saves you money but doing so also saves environment from the harmful effects of the electronics ending up in landfill sites and polluting air and water with the chemicals they release.

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