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Home Automation Basics: What to start

Home Automation Basics

To derive maximum from your home automation experience, you must know its basics first. You should know what the best way to get started is and how to go about from starting till end, so that you do not end up having a regret. Here in this article you are going to learn the home automation basics that will come handy whenever you decide to convert your dumb home into a smart home.

What all to automate first

You can automate almost everything in your home but if you want to go slow then prioritize automating things. Start with things that can help you make your home energy efficient so that you save some money.


Be it indoor lighting or the outdoor, you can control it all with the home automation systems and conserve electricity. Lighting in your living and other rooms, pool lighting, patio lighting, or the landscape lights, you can control all these lighting fixtures as per your requirement. For instance, you can set the brightness level of lighting in rooms, set timer to switch on and off the landscape lighting so that no electricity wastage takes place, the same goes for the pool lighting as well.

Home security

Next to lighting home security is usually the next thing people like to automate. Even if some home security systems come with a big price tag, people do not mind spending money on them because they know how important home security is. You can choose a system that connects to your existing home automation system, or the one that comes with its own home automation package. Some home security systems are more efficient than others are, so do consider the crime rate in your area and ensure you do not settle for anything but the best.


The audio/visual includes televisions and music systems that you can automate. Automating them not only makes them energy efficient but makes it super convenient for you to create an entertain haven with them. Usually your televisions, home theater, music player, all have their own remote controls. This makes it a hassle to struggle with all the remotes to have the systems playing but once automated, this problem simply vanishes. You can control them all with your Smartphone, or with the help of a universal remote.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, air conditioning, and ventilations are three extremely important functions that play integral role to make homes comfortable for their dwellers. These three are also the features that call for massive electricity consumption, especially when someone uses them without any control.

Automating HVAC system in your home s directly related to your savings, as in it will reduces electricity wastage, which means reduction in electricity bills and increase in your savings. Lights turn off automatically when the sensors do not sense any movement or presence in a room, thermostat stops working after a suitable temperature is maintained in a room, and more.

Electricity and water wastage

Not just lighting consumes electricity in your home but a whole range of other appliances and gadgets as well. One more thing that people waste in their homes is water. In order to make your home energy efficient, you must target the entire appliance and gadgets that consume electricity and water and this you can do by installing systems that track energy consumption at your home so close that power wastage just cannot take place at your home. It notifies and reminds you every time when it senses water and electricity wastage happening in your home, so that you take step to control and eliminate wastage.

You can automate your entire home at one go if you want but if you want to go slow then you must prioritize. Your priorities should depend upon the systems that can help make your home energy efficient to the ones that enhance comfort and convenience.

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