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High waist bikini

The bikini is a piece of clothing that kind of stays all the year round, quite simply for the fact that in some part of the world, at every given time of the year, there is always summer. Therefore, in these circumstances, the skimpy little two-piece is a glorified item to clothe yourself, as much as possible, in place of other options.

Spring 2013 is seeing a sort of reverberation in this genre of clothing; essentially a reminiscence of the olden times, when bikinis were truly items of clothing and not just pieces of fabric strung together with a spaghetti strip.

The new trend that seems to be taking form again is that of the high-waist bikini. The name itself is suggestive where the cut extends to as high as the navel, often exceeding it. It is extremely helpful when you would like lateral visions to concentrate on a certain part of your body specifically and not over the whole body.

It was a piece of garment that grew quite famous and became a trend in the 1950’. Of course with time, it waned and more plunging bikinis took its place. However, this year seems to be seeing a kind or reawakening of the rather humble high waist bikini.

There are fashion benefits in any clothing and then again, there are functional benefits. There are quite a lot of functional benefits to a high waist bikini. Firstly, the extended waistline helps to hide any stretch marks which tend to develop in the waist region with time and with pregnancy. Since the waist line is so high up, these do not have to be worried about.

Additionally, the high waist bikini is also, like the corset in a bygone era was, effective in giving off the illusion of an hourglass figure. The high waist bikini is one such piece of garment which is designed such that it acts as if in proportion to the size of the body.

The high waist bikini is something that while adding utility for the benefit of the person wearing it, also adds an air of vintage panache, a hint of old-world class. Just the fact that they provide a silhouette being high up till the midriff and because it hides quite a bit of skin, makes for a kind of retro glamour which is no found in the thongs that people are so up for nowadays.

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