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Five parenting products that actually traumatize your Baby

With loads of professional and personal commitments to keep them tied down, parents hardly find time nowadays to bring up their children, let alone watch them grow. The so called ‘time crunch’ has led these parents to find out ways in which their child rearing burdens could be reduced. And to cater solely to these kinds of parents are certain designers who have come up with contraptions that are said to help them do just that (irrespective of what the child feels about it in fact)!

The Tinkle Tube Toilet Aid

Have a baby boy who is having trouble achieving the perfect aim while peeing? Well, here’s a way to avoid all those peeing accidents (where you get drenched mostly). Get a Tinkle Tube Toilet Aid, a test tube like apparatus which is open on both ends (they come covered with plastic caps). Simply remove the caps, attach one end of the tube to your toddler’s twinkie and aim the other end at the toilet basin. Now how’s that for improving your baby’s aim and accuracy?And who knows? Maybe your kid would get so used to the contraption that he would want to use it even when he grows up!

The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer

Most parents would face the dilemma of trying to find out what their babies cry for when they do cry! Well, that’s where the Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer claims to help you. The device (and its designer) guarantees to find out the exact reason why your toddler is crying. So the next time your little one starts wailing, you can use the analyzer to find out whether he is wet, hungry, scared or just sleepy. It’s really simple work! Just place the analyzer near your toddler and let him wail uninterrupted for about 20 seconds for the device to find out the exact reason behind his cries. That is, if you are willing to sit stone faced for 20 seconds while your toddler wails his heart out.

The Time Out Pad (or) Butt Prison

Most parents seem to like the idea of a timeout to punish their children rather than resorting to beatings and emotional blackmails. And the Time Out Pad (Butt Prison) claims to help parents who support this form of punishment, but can’t find a way to monitor their kids during the timeout period.The contraption looks like a basic mat, and comes with a timer and alarm. In addition to sounding an alarm if your kid tries to get up during the time out period, the device would show your kid how much time is left for his punishment.

Walking Wings

Can’t seem to get the energy or passion to actually bend down and help your kid take his first steps? Then here’s a contraption that can ease your burden. Called Walking Wings, the device consists of two marionette straps that are attached to your toddler’s waist. The other ends of the straps go into your hands and you get to literally maneuver your baby like a puppet. Oh, and don’t forget to show him Pinocchio while you are about it.

The Woogie

Here’s a contraption for all those moms who have kids more inclined to play with smartphones than anything else. The Woogie is a half stuffed, animal like contraption that is actually an iPhone cover. With a transparent plastic screen protector to hold your iPhone and protect it from your kid’s fingers, the Woogie can also be propped up to stand straight in case your little one is a bit accidental with the phone. Place the phone inside the protective cover, play a video he likes and grab some winks as  he watches, plays, throws, sucks and sleeps it.


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