High-tech furniture designs to empower contemporary homes

Hi-tech furniture offering advanced features is a mainstay in contemporary as well as futuristic homes. From presenting stylish designs to incorporating latest technical functions, these furniture pieces stand out in any place or room, be it commercial or residential. Here we have listed some of the technologically rich furniture pieces that are sure to perk up your home.

Mac Table

The Mac Table features a gravity defying design that is simple, sleek and ultra-modern. It comes with a lacquered metal base and a soft touch top board. An additional glass layer in the middle adds to the charm. Presenting ample space for one to sit down, the table doubles as a docking and charging station for devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods. You can use the extra compartment at the bottom to store your personal files or office accessories.

Katedra High Tech Desk

The Katedra High Tech Desk is a functional piece of furniture that charges mobile phones with a build in wireless charger. All you need to do is situation your phone on the surface of the desk and go about doing your work while your phone charges. Now you need not to run to the wall socket every time you get a message or call while charging your phone.

Philippe Starck My World Couch

This stunning, high-tech furniture comes with power outlets that you can be use to charge your devices while lounging on the couch and enjoying your favorite television shows. The couch also features a Powermat charging tool that can host and power up various digital devices you own.

Origin Task Chair

The Origin Task Chari is a keyboard-integrated chair that presents an ergonomic design. A split keyboard is attached to both arms of the chair, making it easier for you to lean back while typing. Keeping the keyboard on the arms of the chair also let the user balance his/her arms properly, thus reducing the risks of stress injuries. Wireless capability will allow you to use the chair at any distance from the computer.

Analog Memory Desk

This revolutionary piece of furniture features a tabletop fitted with a sheet of paper along its entire length and breadth. The revolving desk makes it easier for you to doodle, jot down points or simply write down stuff on the paper without essentially moving around the table yourself. Instead, use the handles to move the paper along as you write. Once filled up, you can roll the paper and keep it as a physical record.

High tech furniture has become a fascination of sorts in many contemporary spaces. Apart from being stylish, these advanced furniture pieces also are highly functional.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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