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Grow your small garden in a bottle

small garden in a bottle

Weekend project

Bottle gardens are easy to make and maintain, not only they are easy but the give a lovely look to the house. Bottle houses take very less space compared to the big pot plants and the best part is there portability factor. This project is not only for the horticulture enthusiasts, but anyone can make it as it gives useful educational experience about plant growth. So, let’s grow a small bottle garden in your home just with few simple steps. Image credit


To make your own bottle garden you need few things. Firstly, you need a bottle or a jar to make your own bottle garden. Other things which are required are sand, soil, sprayers, tweezers, thin long stick, seeds.

The project

There is a certain procedure one should follow in order to make a bottle garden.

1. Select the right bottle:
The bottle which is used should be large in size, so that the plant can be easily grown in it. The bottle should be cleaned and dried properly before using. The opening should be wide enough so that it will be easier to maintain the garden.

2. Neatly trim the edges:
The edges of the container should be properly trimmed with scissor. It is done to easily fit the plant inside the bottle.

3. Make the base:
To make the base of the plant, turn the bottle onto its side. In case the jar has a large opening it can be kept facing up.

4. Add sand and pebbles:
Place pebbles and sand on the base of the bottle. The layer of gravel formed will act as drainage and it will prevent roots from rooting.

5. Add soil over sand and pebbles:
Make use of good quality and pre-dampen soil and cover the sand and pebbles with it.

6. Sow the seeds:
Choose the seeds of the plants you would want to grow. The seeds chosen should of indoor plant and by using tweezers, a long, thin stick or chopsticks should be placed in the soil. Make sure that you arrange the seeds properly.

7. Watch the plants grow:
Now is the time to watch the result of your hard work. But, do keep the jar in warm and sunny condition and water it whenever needed.

We advice

• There are certain advices one should follow in order to complete the project effectively and efficiently.

• The bottle should not be placed in the direct sunlight, as the direct sunlight can make the miniature ecosystem too hot and it can burn.

• The reused material should be cleaned cautiously, one should sanitize everything that may have come with the bottle’s contact.

• Make use of water spray to keep the moisture in the bottle.

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