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Let There Be Light: World’s most incredible lamp shades


Tasteful lighting is the key to a well-illuminated, classy living space. The mode and type of lighting can change the very paradigms of a room’s decor. One such hugely popular and highly functional way of sourcing light comes in the form of various types of lamps – bedside, ceiling, floor and many more. We bring you some truly innovative and creative lampshade designs that will help lend that mystical allure to your home.

1. Lumique Crystal


Use of novel materials to fabricate lamp shades, instead of the usual paper or cloth, is fast catching up as a trend. Such is the case with Lumique. Creation of Italian designer Stefano Bottino, this lamp is made of crystals which add a whole new twinkle to the light it shines around.

2. Gilda Lamp Shade


The Gilda collection by Arturo Alvarez, uses a unique material for realization of the lamps. Crafted using Italian glass tiles, the Gilda is available in both suspended as well as the standing variety. This metallic mesh of a lamp shade looks glittering and beautiful.

3. OCIU Chandelier


This gargantuan hanging lamp shade by ZAVA is truly awe-inspiring, owing to its sheer size. Minimalistic in design but power-packed in impact, the name OCIU is meant as an acronym for Warning! Available in black and white colors, the OCIU also comes with internal layering in leaf gold or silver.

4. The Crystal Light


This LED lighting fixture comprises hexagonal-shaped “crystals” which come adorned with a fascinating color-changing feature. One can reassemble these magnetically connected shimmering pieces as per will into any form they want. Illumination and Imagination culminate to make Crystal Light a delight to percieve.

5. Tape Lamp


Made using compact cassette tapes, this lamp by Transparent House uses non-heated, neon lights under cassettes of different shades. Symbolic of the old being re-invented in a new garb, the Tape Lamp series has garnered huge interest in the masses.

6. Fall Of The Damned Lamp Shade


Spine-chilling on first impact, the Fall Of The Damned is one unique lamp shade alright! A hovering mass of intricately twisted human bodies, seemingly caught in mid-fall, this limited-edition lamp by Luc Merx is for those with a gothic sense of style. The Fall Of The Damned leaves you with a lot to mull over.

7. Piano Lamp Shade


This innovative LED lamp is high on technology, and boasts of a touch-sensitive surface which allows one to turn particular segments on and off at will. Comprising a series of LED bars, which look like large piano keys, the Piano Lamp makes possible for us to interact and have fun with light.

8. Memento Lamp


This graphically enchanting lamp shade is the brainchild of designers Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko for design collective Tonerico. Sitting pretty on your table, the award-winning Memento casts light around in numerical shapes and is available in dark grey and white colors.

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