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Grounds for terminating parental rights from a father

Termination of parental rights of a father is a decision, which should never be taken lightly owing to the fact that this is a permanent solution often. However, in cases where parents have shown constant failure in caring for the emotional and physical health of their little one, termination stands to be the only choice.

Grounds for termination

An unfit father can opt to terminate parental rights voluntarily. The grounds for termination differs in each state, yet there a few common reasons which include murder of the kid’s sibling, sexual abuse, incarceration, mental deficiency or illness, abuse or neglect and abandonment. None of these however will guarantee termination automatically. Each case is carefully studied on a personal basis, constantly looking for the best concern of the child.

Ways of terminating the parental rights of a father

Discussing the possibility of the father of volunteering:

Prior to taking the hard decision of pursuing the termination of parental rights of a father, converse the prospect of his relinquishing them voluntarily. This technique needs various proceedings and paperwork.

Have evidence and documentation:

One needs to have documentation or evidence of problems or incidents associated with attempts of terminating the rights of the father for proving their case. Be well prepared with the evidence and above all ensure every document meets legal requirements entered in this case prior to the proceeding.

All scheduled hearings need to be attended:

A single or series of court hearings that will be planned post the petition has been filed as well reviewed needs to be attended. One by no means should forget in carrying all necessary documentation.

Appropriate conduct:

During the process of addressing the court for terminating the parental rights of the father, it is highly imperative for one to conduct himself or herself as a responsible and respectable individual. Although this is a very difficult and emotional phase, yet it is crucial for the judge in viewing her as mature and levelheaded. The three key factors to consider here includes dress professionally, reach timely and above all be respectful and calm within the surroundings of the courtroom.

Obtain the termination documentation order:

When the court finally grants the termination of parental rights of the father, paperwork will be provided. This termination documentation order should be obtained for personal records for ensuring that the rights of the child are well protected.


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