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Green home gadgets that can help you save more money

We all know how human activities have endangered the environment. The eco-system in many places is on the verge of collapsing. In the US, every middle class family uses 400 gallons of water and 32 kilowatt hours of electricity every day. This way soon the energy resources of our world will be finished. Thankfully technology has come up with some amazing green gadgets that consume less energy and emit less pollutant in the surrounding environment. The high energy and water bills can be a source of worry for you. Using the modern green gadgets will help you reduce your energy bills substantially. You can make the new green technologies a part of your household very easily. In this article, you will find information about the five most beneficial and advanced green technologies that you can use.

Solar Hot Water Heater:

You have to pay huge energy bills if your use the conventional electricity powered water heaters at home. Hot water is needed for various purposes like washing clothes and taking bath. The solar hot water heaters use solar heat directly or turn the solar energy into heat energy with the help of solar panels. The hot water is stored inside a tank that is fully insulated. By using solar hot water heaters you can reduce your energy bills by 50%.

Home Energy Management Technology:

If you want to keep a close tab on the energy usage around your home then you should install the smart, new home energy management technology. You can get a simple energy monitoring unit for a single energy outlet or use it for measuring the amount of spent energy around the entire home. The info you get from one such home energy management system will tell you how you are wasting energy.

Dual Flush Toilets:

An old toilet consumes lots of stored water due to the faulty flush. 27% of the total usage of water happens through the flush of your toilets. Dual flush toilets are great help for reducing the unwanted water wastage.

Rain Barrels:

Rain barrels can also reduce your water usage. It stores the rain water which can be used later on with the help of spigot attached at the lower half. You can get the right sized rain barrel at your local hardware store or undertake a DIY project of making one.

Programmable Thermostat:

The programmable thermostats can be used to cut down the energy usage. You just need to tell it the schedule of cooling and heating up your rooms. There are 3 to 4 varieties available at present among which the 7-day programmable thermostats are the costliest.


Green technology can help in making your home more environmentally friendly. These technologies can help you reduce your monthly water and energy bills.


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