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Green Gifts: Best eco friendly lingerie

A fashionable woman will never like to compromise even when it is the case of buying her lingerie. She will take into account the level of comfort first, followed by the selection of fabrics, the brand and of course the look. Even though lingerie are undergarments but aesthetic appeal of lingerie have immense value when it comes down to mesmerizing your boyfriend by your beauty or make your spouse spellbound by your sexy appeal. So, next time you go to buy lingerie then be alert to choose the right one for you. It is always best to go for eco friendly lingerie that are skin friendly too and you are saved from the fear of skin problems. Here are ten suggestions of astounding eco friendly lingerie made from natural fabrics that you will really love to have a look.

1. Jasper Satin Short

Jasper Satin Short

This exclusive lingerie is handmade in United Kingdom and is one of the underwear you will really like to buy. The pastel color of this short is inspired by that of the Jasper crystal and the satin fiber used in making the same gives it a silky smooth look. The company has added an intricate feminine touch to this lingerie by incorporating lace detailing along the groin line and the waist line. Thus, what could be a more apt way to show off your body contour other than this satin soft short? The most important part of this lingerie is the presence of concealed pockets at the crease of the groin and the cleavage of the buttock.

Price: $25.5

Buy it here: Crystal Lingerie

2. Bloomers


This bikini cut panty understands women. Probably this is the reason why it bears a feminine look together with astounding functions, but never compromises with comfort. The low rise waist ensures that the ease of wearing this panty is maintained well. The soft and durable, single jersey fabric used to make this panty is another aspect that look after the comfort of the user. Another benefit of this fabric is that elasticity that makes it wearable by any woman without an discomfort unless you are too large. The sea foam blue color with three lines of coral toned lace detailing at the waist line make this item further interesting.

Price: $37.5

Buy it here: Etsy

3. Lacey Undies

Lacey Undies

The company claims that this is the perfect wear for the cute urban lady. The baby pink color of this lingerie captures the mood of a pretty woman while the parallel chain of jet black applique that starts from the waist line follows all through the panty in three distinct layers that hints at capturing her naughtiness. It is also available in cream color also. Made from lavender linen this women’s wear has an organic cotton lining so that it is tender on her soft skin.

Price: $ 40

Buy it here: Urban Foxeco

4. Flyaway Frill Brief

Flyaway Frill Brief

The color of this ladies brief is the vital aspect that aims to win the hearts of women. The juxtaposition of deep red with black in creating graphic patterns all through the lingerie adds glamor to the same. The bikini style brief is narrow at the sides to allow minimum coverage and maximum comfort to the woman who wears it. The natural silk georgette fabric is friendly for the tender skin too.

Price: $58.00

Buy it here: Catriona Mackechnie

5. Phoebe Teddy

Phoebe Teddy

Made from 100% natural silk and handcrafted in United Kingdom, this lingerie is flirty and glamorous. This is a teddy that extends from the thigh to the cleavage line with delicate detailing at the neckline and along the panty hemline. A nice bow at the middle of the busts and two spaghetti straps add a feminine touch to this corset. The two available colors are pink and cream.

Price: $62.4

Buy it here: Rosebud and Slave

6. Red Heart Romper

Red Heart Romper

This stylish romper is sure to be a precious possession for the modern woman. Made from upscale spandex fabric and lined with bamboo jersey fabric in black color, this is extremely comfortable as an all day wear.The black lace elastic at the leg holes on one hand increase its look and on the other hand conceal the seams intelligently. The bottom part is cut at the sides with a low back and the top attached at the front. Available in red color it has three basic sizes.

Price: $70.00

Buy it here: Etsy

7. Cosabella Peacock Wireless Bra Red Tango


Cosabella has launched a range of lingerie that are eco-friendly. These are made from bamboo fabrics and have been colored with vegetable based natural dye. Cosabella is renowned for its vibrant colors. Thus, keeping up with this tradition, the soft yet glamorous color of this lingerie imparts the most elegant look.

Price: $ 74

Buy it here: LargoDrive

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