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Family travel: Trip to Grand Canyon with kids

Trip to Grand Canyon with kids

The destination

There are ten trails leading from the Canyon’s north rim, each of them different in terms of length or difficulty. When the hike includes kids, it is advisable to consider both. The North rim does not come with a loop trail. Hence, your hike route both to and fro remains the same. To help you prepare, here is a small piece of information – the duration of the hike is normally double when you are coming back than when you hike in.

Why visit?

When it comes to choosing the right destination for the summer vacation, the Grand Canyon definitely figures among the most preferred choices. Here is a spot that breathes life into your childhood fantasies. The best part is no matter how often you come across the extravagant features of the Grand Canyon in photographs or travel magazines, the repetitive exposures fail to cloud the excitement of a real visit. In fact, it has been observed that visiting the Grand Canyon may turn out to be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the contemporary American family. Now that you have enough reasons to take your family on a tour of one of the world’s popular natural wonders, let us discuss what to do and how to plan the trip.

What to see?

If you are touring with small kids, Cape Royal, Brit Angel Points would be the ideal places to visit. However, families including older children may consider taking the 10 mile long trip round the Wildfross trail. North Kaibab trail is the only trail descending into the Canyon from its North rim. There is a myriad of spots along the trail to mesmerize you totally and are always worth a hike. Hiking the short distance to Coconino Overlook should interest families looking to discover the world beneath the rim. Kids will surely enjoy the trip to Supai Tunnel. Again, tourists need to devote an entire day for a Roaring Springs bound round trip. With the height dropping to almost 3000 meters, experienced trekkers can only take a shot at this ride. It is not very suitable if you have young kids around.

The facilities on North Rim remain open from the middle of May till the month of October. The first snowflakes of the season signal the closure of the road. It is best to go hiking around September, June, May or October. During August, September or July, the afternoons are filled with thunderstorms. It is always advisable not to hike down the rim during summer. If you plan to hike longer, start before 8 am. The Canyon interiors are much warmer than the rim surface.

Don’t miss

Mountainous climate prevails over the North Rim and the weather is subject to frequent changes. Make sure that you have wrapped yourself and the kids up in layers of clothing before taking the hike. This will help you take off or add clothes as and when the situation so demands. Carry plenty of water, food, sun block lotion, map, first aid box, matches, and Knife and garbage bags. Get a few whistles and distribute them among the kids. A majority of the points dotting North Rim tower nearly 8500 feet above the sea level. Allow the body to get accustomed to the height before your hike actually begins.

As you hike along the trail ensure that there is enough food and water for every member of the team. Ideally, one should carry up to four liters of water for each person. Here water will be available only inside the village and occasionally at the Roaring Springs or Supai Tunnel. Urge the children to drink frequently. Your day can begin with a heavy breakfast. It has to be borne in mind that the cell phone network inside and along the North Rim remains minimal. The area is remote and even basic toilets are to be found in the villages only.


The authorities charge USD 25 per vehicle carrying four people. When you are planning to tour a host of national parks over the remaining half of the year, the annual pass priced $80 would be worth buying. As an added advantage, the pass allows you to access shorter entry lines meant for pass holders only. Now that you know the right scheme for entering the Canyon, let us discuss the accommodation options here. There are places like staff located about 100 miles away from the South Rim or the towns of Kanab and Utah offering the choicest selection of accommodations. A few people may even claim Williams in Arizona to be the ideal base. The majority of the Hotels here are inexpensive compared to lodges lining the property of the National Park. The cheap lodges, however, offer breathtaking views that are sure to captivate your senses.

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