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DIY steps to bathe your baby

steps to bathe your baby


One of the important daily rituals for a baby is to bathing. Certain babies love bathing time while few of them dread the whole activity. A warm bubble bath relaxes, cleans as well as creates an opportunity for the mother to bond with the baby. Bathing time can be made the most enjoyable and the most looked forward part of the day with lot of fun activities in the water. Babies are given sponge bath until they shed the umbilical cord. With few baby grooming techniques thrown into the routine, a baby is certain to look clean, happy, glowing and comfortable with the daily bath time.

Things to watch out for

1. Keep a bath kit handy with all the required items in it, such as – wash clothes, baby soap, shampoo, cotton, towel, diapers and clean clothes.

2. Give massage to the baby well ahead of the bathing time giving sufficient time for the baby to soak in the oil.

3. Have the right size of bath tub. Since babies lack muscle control, one should exercise extreme precaution while placing and bathing the baby in the tub.

4. Do not attend calls or multitask with a baby in the tub. It is dangerous to leave the baby in the tub even for a minute in the bathing tub alone.

5. Check the temperature of the water before putting the baby in the bath tub. There are chances of scalding the baby.

6. Talk to the baby about the bathing routine before and while bathing the baby. It helps to keep the baby relaxed.

DIY Steps

1. Prepare for the bath

The baby should be well fed and in a good mood and relaxed before a bath. Fill the bath tub with warm water up to a few inches. The temperature of the water should be lukewarm. Keep the water faucet away from the bath tub. There are chances that the baby may bump into it. Keep all the bath supplies or kit ready. It should be kept just an arm’s length away. It is quite dangerous to look for things with a baby in the arms. Keep a towel in the bottom of the tub to ensure that the baby does not slip.

2. Getting started

Put few bath time toys/books or squeezies in the bathtub to make bath time interesting. Hold the baby securely or make him lie down on his/her back to undress the baby. Secure the baby firmly using one of the hands and use the other hand to gently lower the baby into the bathtub. One can talk or sing to the baby to make the ritual more fun.

3. Clean up

Start the cleaning up process by washing the baby’s face using mild soap and soft wash cloth. Use little soap mixture to ensure that the soap does not get into the baby’s eyes. Use cotton wool dipped in water to clean the eyes and ears. Never use the same piece of cotton to wipe or clean the eyes or ears. Using the same piece is bound to transmit infection from one eye/ear to another.

Proceed to wash the other body parts such as arms, ears, chin and neck area. Move down to clean the baby’s thighs and legs. Carefully wash and clean the diaper and the belly button area. Rinse more than once, if required. Now hold the baby around to wash her back and bottom area. Wrap the baby in a towel and wash the baby’s head and hair. Use warm wash cloth to dampen the hair and wash hair carefully to ensure that the shampoo does not get into the eyes. Once the hair wash is completed, cover the head of the baby with clean dry towel.

4. Drying

Lift the baby carefully out of the bath tub and wrap him/her in a soft clean towel. One can also use the baby hooded towels that are available which covers the baby’s head as well as the body. Place the baby on a clean table and dry his head and body thoroughly. Apply or rub alcohol on the belly button area to ensure it absorbs the wetness, if any. Have an extra eye on the folds of the skin to remove any moisture, if any. Use cotton balls gently to dry the ear, eyes and neck area. Never use any cloth or cotton ball inside the ears or eyes.

5. Dressing up

Baby lotion may be applied on the baby only after consulting with the pediatrician. Carefully diaper him and then proceed to dress him in a comfortable outfit.

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