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Global warming can cause nosebleed!

tibetan plateau

Global warming and its effects are nothing new to me. Watching the news each day makes you see many effects of it. It has been the reason for ice caps melting, rivers drying, floods, storms, El Nino & La Nino effects, drought and food crisis across the globe and even the recent wild fires in Southern California. But now there are reports that say that global warming is causing many Tibetans to wake up with a bleeding nose!

First, I find it amazing how one major atmospheric change can affect so many things. Then there is the matter of human intelligence and imagination.

According to the scientists, it is due to the growing affects of global warming and the altitude of Lhasa have led to this problem While the raising temperatures across the planet have made the Tibetan plateau a lot drier than normal, an altitude of 3,700 meters above sea level makes the air thin & dry in the ‘sunlight city’.

Scientists have noted very low humidity levels in the plateau region, while rest of Southern China received a lot of rain. This only goes to further demonstrate that the plateau is very sensitive to climatic changes & the affects of global warming.

The greatest danger comes, if the heating up of Qinghai-Tibet plateau melts glaciers that could lead to subsequent floods & then a huge drought as the rivers would dry up later completely.

Grave consequences, which might just be beginning with a nosebleed!



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