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Gift yourself an eco-friendly den at the home

eco-friendly den at the home

While you may want to decorate your drawing room or casual den in an eco-friendly manner, you may not want to give up on your comfort or exceed your design or remodeling budget. Here we offer some tips on designing your space in such a manner that it saves energy, uses sustainable materials, produces low waste, and improves air quality in your surroundings. This can keep all your family members healthier and happier.

Be attentive to each element in your living room

Whether it is your flooring, furniture or drawing room wall, you should look forward to bring changes in every element if you want to paint your entire room green. However, it does not mean that you should rip off everything immediately to create an eco-friendly room. Check all items in the room and see what is already on the greener side. Retain those elements and send the worn-out stuff for recycling. The bigger things like your bookshelves or cabinets can be replaced as and when you are ready to spend on a greener option.

Find out cost-effective replacements

You can look for new replacement products that are cheaper, as well as friendly to the environment. With a wide range of recycled materials, you can grab a variety of green items at minimal prices. Sometimes, you may even get a greener replacement at much cheaper rates than you may spend on a regular item. If you are low on budget, then you may also check out some local stores that sell recycled products at discounted prices or through auctions.

Pick up stylish yet green décor items

There is no dearth of stylish décor items and furniture that is made of revamped materials like sustainable wood and recycled metal. Look for products that give a creative feel and match the colors of your living room walls and overall décor. It is important to create a natural yet relaxing feel in a room where you spend most of your time with family. In fact, you may start by painting your drawing room walls with a paint that does not contain any volatile organic compound. Using eco-friendly paint will highly improve the air quality within the room. If you have budget at hand, then invest in stylish green doors, window frames, and other hardware.

Make smarter choices

When you replace regular stuff with greener items or renovate your living room, make sure to go for some smart choices like picking up clay plaster for your walls instead of using wallpaper. The natural pigments in this plaster repel dust and keep the inside air cleaner. Similarly, get a reclaimed timber-made console table instead of buying multiple small furniture items. You can also think of keeping potted plants in those empty areas that you want to fill up using décor items. This space can also be decorated using LED lighting that saves energy. Thus, you will not only make your room more airy and green, but will also save your money to buy new filler items.

Focus on repurposing things and concepts

There may be many things that may be repurposed in your living room. Find out such furniture or products that you do not use anymore. Try to recycle or repurpose it by giving it some finishing in an eco-friendly manner. Then, these items can be reused to cut both the waste and the cost. Similarly, you can work on the existing room design to make it greener. For instance, you can avoid putting curtains on large glass windows and then lighting up your room using several LED bulbs. Instead, you may place your seating items close to those windows and use the natural light coming in. Small design changes can also make a big difference in your energy savings and efforts made to create a green living space.

When you work to make your drawing room eco-friendly, consider the existing design and introduce changes by using cost-effective recycled products. Make some smart moves and choose stylish items that not only decorate your room, but also make it fresher and greener.

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