Get a fresh and airy home with these eco-friendly tips for decoration


To breathe fresh, we all require some nice and clean air entering our homes. While we cannot control the air we receive outside our homes, we can at least clean and purify the air present in our homes so we can stay healthier and happier. If you also share this idea of keeping your home airier and fresher, then check out some tips below that can lead you to do some green decoration for achieving this purpose.

Things to use for purifying the air

It is a fact that the air indoors is always more toxic than the air present outside your house. Several items in a house can make it polluted and its air laden with chemicals. Whether it is your mattress or a flowerpot, everything contributes to making your home unclean. Thus, it is important to use such items that are greener or have the ability to make the air greener. One such thing is houseplants. These work naturally to improve the quality of air inside your home. Try to keep as many plants for decoration in your house as possible.

You can additionally rely on pure beeswax candles instead of using chemical-loaded paraffin candles in your home. Beeswax candles burn without any scent or smoke. When they release negative ions, it helps in purifying the air. Ions attach to the toxins and allergens present in the air and take these away.

Thus, you receive high-quality air that is healthier. Other items that do a similar work of cleaning indoor air include salt lamps using natural crystals from Himalayas and bamboo charcoal in air-purifying bags. These things help in preventing mold, removing moisture and bacteria, and getting rid of allergens or pollutants.

Natural methods for air cleaning

While you can definitely use plants like areca palm and bamboo palm in your home for air purification, you can still adopt a few simple techniques of keeping the indoor air cleaner. A very easy strategy is to have proper ventilation in your home. Instead of using an air conditioner, try opening windows when the weather outside is pleasant.

You can also use ceiling fans instead of installing air conditioners all over your house. It will allow fresher air to move in and replace the polluted air indoors. In addition, use right exhaust systems at proper places in order to prevent moisture and extra heat.

If you already use air filters to clean the air inside, then make sure to change them regularly for effective results. You should also make greener changes in your living style. For instance, never smoke inside your house or use chemical products like detergents or paints. Such small steps can help you lead a healthier life.

Natural air cleaners

Plants are our natural air cleaners. However, certain types of plants are more effective to handle chemicals and impurities present in the air. Thus, you can keep such potted plants in your kitchen, hallway or drawing room for decoration. A few useful options include Boston fern, palm trees, rubber plants, Janet Craig, English ivy, peace lily, and other flowering plants. Orchids, ferns, anthuriums, pothos and philodendrons are also wonderful to be planted inside the house.

Tips for plant selection and care

When you decorate your home with green plants for air cleaning purposes, select a 10- to 12-inch plant for every piece of 100 square feet. Study about each of your plants and place them at the right position for proper shade and sunlight. Give them the amount of water they require and keep a watch on their condition. Use a damp cloth to dust their leavesoccasionally. Feed your plants with natural manure only.

You can use various plants and decorative items in your home to purify the indoor air. While plant care is important, it is also required to adopt a healthier and greener lifestyle.

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