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Style apps that can be the BFFs of a fashionista

You are someone who loves to look classy all the time, so it is your need to follow the recent trends and fashion updates. However, your busy schedule does not allow you to do so. Not to worry, as now you can easily keep track of all the recent happenings in fashion and style world, and keep flooring people with your extraordinary style sense. Here are some of the best style apps you must get the hang of:


With the help of StyleIt app, now you can easily be in touch with the recent fashion changes as soon as they come. Whenever some stylishly dressed woman or a man crosses you by, you always wonder as to how much time they must be spending to search new clothes and other style essentials, whereas you do not have any time to do anything like this. With StyleIt app on your iPad, iphone, or iPod touch, you will be able to dress up and style yourself just like any other person you had always envied for their impeccable style.


An app that helps you organize your closet like never before. You can click a photograph of a particular item from your closet; the built-in tools remove the background making it apt for making outfit collages later. Those collages you can keep for future reference. Calendar is the most interesting feature of this app that helps you keep a track of days you wore a particular dress on and a future day you would like to wear it again.

This calendar feature is extremely helpful for you and your closet, as it lets you know what clothes in your closet are simply lying because you have not worn them since long. The Packing List feature helps you pre-plan outfits you would like to carry with you on your next trip.


Style your looks, manage your closet, or do shopping with utmost ease with the Stylicious app. It helps you create a virtual closet by taking pictures of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can create ample of stylish looks by mixing and matching stylish outfits until you get a satisfying look. A superb app that enables you to dress in the unique way for every party, as you can use the app as a style planner that schedules your dresses for different occasions.

If you happen to be the one who forgets what clothes, shoes and accessories, you already own and mistakenly buy the same pieces again then Stylicious is going to be of special help for you.

You can shop the trendiest styles on it without repeating even a single item in your closet. You wish to change your outlook every day, and now you can do it easily with the helpful tips of the Stylicious team of stylists who aim to improve your personal style. A complete package helps to reawake the fashionista in you.

PS Dept.

You connect to a team of personal shoppers via this app who advice you on style based on their years of shopping experience. You just have to express your expectations, forward them your shopping request and that perfect look soon is delivered at your doorstep. No need to search for numerous stores, as the PS Dept. app is there to help you with all this.

The Hunt

You come across an outfit on web; you search for hours but fail to find it on any of the retailing websites. There is no need to lose heart but to install the Hunt app on your Smartphone. Simply upload a picture of the dress you want on the app and it finds it for you so you could buy it.

Gone are the days when to be a fashionista it used to take a great deal of time and efforts. Today you can style yourself in a new way every other day with the help of style apps that save your time and make you stylish.


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