Flaunt your curly hair – it’s awesome

Naturally curly hair is not very common and often women who have naturally curly hair consider different salon treatments for turning it straight. Curly hair can give your face a completely fresh and new dimension if you know how to own it. Curly locks are gorgeous and help a woman stand out in the crowd.

You need not be ashamed of your curls rather grow them to reach at least your shoulders. There are many ways in which the curly hair can enhance your look. Some reasons for keeping your curly hair curly have been discussed in the following.

Curls are easier to manage and style

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A chunk of your daily schedule has to be invested for transforming your curly locks into straight locks. You will have to pay hefty sums to salon professionals or use the blow dryer and round brush through and through for an hour or more. Instead of battling the curls you should consider owning them and grooming them. Start by using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair softer and manageable.

Try a hydrating hair mask once a week and your curls will sing to you. A good advice is to not touch the curls after you have showered. Keep paper towels handy for just soaking the excess moisture and let the rest get dried on their own. When it comes to curly hair air drying is the best option. The non-fussy hair care routine will leave a lot of time in your hands.

Curly hair makes you the object of wonder

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Do you have long, fluffy curly hair that looks wild yet adorable? Or, do you have a mop of curly hair that sits nicely around your head making you look more exotic? May it be short or long, curly hair can make your stand out from the crowd and pull several glances at you. Kids, especially, are often in awe of curly hair.

They will give you the look as if you are a Disney Princess straight out of the books. Be proud owner of your curls because they make you distinguishable. You can enhance your curly haired look by using some curly hair extensions in shocking red, orange or blue.

Curly hair makes you look bolder and approachable

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Curls are anything but shy. They make you look more independent, bold and even outrageous. People will not only be more drawn to you but they will find it easier to approach you and talk to you. According to the general perception the curly haired women are capable of speaking their mind plainly and simply.

What’s natural is always healthy

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Until now the flat iron may have been your favorite gadget but now that has to change. Devices like the flat iron can make your hair straight but they also cause huge damage on regular use and lead to split ends, dry and frizzy hair.

You should get your curls dusted, which is cutting the ends of the locks shorter than a trim, once in a while. Use good quality products that are made especially for the curly locks. You will get a wide variety of butters and serums that will make your curls manageable yet stylish.

Curly hair glam up your looks

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Let down your curly hair and wear a maxi dress with wedge hills. You do not even have to try to look boho because your curly hair will do the rest for you. Skirts also look great when worn by women who have curly hair. You can get the mean topknots which does not take much effort. You can also look great by tying a side braid or pony tail. Curly hair offers lots of styling options which look naturally beautiful.

Curly hair can make you look gorgeous and unique. You can easily style it up or let it down for a non-fussy stylish look. Learn to appreciate the beauty of your natural curls and let it spread its magic wherever you go.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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