Transform ordinary lamps to smart ones with smart sockets

Smart lighting is an integral part of a smart or an automated home. Getting rid of ordinary bulbs and bringing home smart bulbs is definitely a noble idea but is expensive too. If you can afford to adopt a complete change, there is nothing better; if not then we are here with an idea. You can bring smart sockets and adapters home that are potent enough to transform ordinary lights into smart lights. Here are some of the best you can consider:

Emberlight Smart Socket

You so crave for having lighting that you could control from your mobile device in your home. However, you cannot let go of a box full of ordinary light bulbs, then here is an ideal solution for you. The Emberlight Smart Socket enables you to transform every ordinary bulb into a smart bulb. When you screw it into your existing light socket, it connects to your wireless network and then you can configure it using your mobile device. You can turn on and off the lights easily; control their brightness remotely and so on.


Brainchild of Zach Supalla, Spark is a smart light socket that connects your lights to the internet. Lights when connected to internet make you control them using your Smartphone, tablet or a computer. You are supposed to plug Standard into any standard light fixture, then screw a dimmable bulb to it, and set the entire system on Wi-Fi. It gives you full control to dim the lights, use them as a morning alarm, use them to deceive thieves when you are not home, and is of great help for deaf people.

Scout Wi-Fi Light Socket

The Scout Wi-Fi light socket enables you to connect all dimmable light bulbs in your home to the internet. You do not have to buy any extra devices or to do any tough installation job because you just have to screw it into your existing socket. It automatically switches lights on and off for you save electricity as well.

Incontrol Wireless Smart Light Bulb Adapter

This is a new way to take control of lighting in your home and making your home even smarter. It does not require configurations full of hassles because it is all about the plug and play home automation technology. The Incipio InControl App controlled adapters enable you to connect to a wide range of home lighting solutions. You can control the lights through voice commands using Siri on your iPhone6 or iOS 8. For instance, you say “turn on the lights”, and instantly you entire dark home turns bright. You can order it to turn on or off the lights in different rooms, such as say “turn on the kitchen lights.”

Vocca smart light bulb adapter

The Vocca smart light bulb adapter can transform any light bulb into a smart light. To go by the claims of its creators, the device requires no configuration or a Wi-Fi connection. To use it, you just have to give a voice command “go Vocca light.” It uses voice recognition technology and a Bluetooth app. The adapter is designed in a way that suits a variety of light bulbs and fittings. If any day you do not feel like using voice command, you can use the device with a regular light switch.

The smart sockets and adapters enable people to transform ordinary bulbs into smart bulbs. They are smart because they offer an easy lighting control and make your home energy efficient.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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