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Five Best Eco Friendly Toys for your Children


These scoops are made out of rubber and wood and hence, couldn’t be more eco friendlier. This is a toy ice cream scoop set meant for kids who are between 1-3 years old. The best part is that these scoops are scented and hence, they give you the feel of real ice cream. Also, you can recycle this toy any number of times. This role play toy is one of the amazing eco friendly things that you can buy for your kids.


Yes, you hear it right, a ball. However, this ball is manufactured entirely out of rubber and is harmless. In fact, it is strong enough to stand the dishwasher and hence, it will not break even if you throw it down the dishwasher. If your kid doesn’t like to have a bath, this ball might just tempt him or her to do so. It is even better if your kid is learning to swim. Playing with the ball in the water is going to keep him enthusiastic about it.

Hunt for the Treasure

Yes, we are talking of the treasure hunt game. This game’s board is made out of cotton. In some of the packages, you can play checkers on the other side of the board. Also, all the coins in this game are entirely made out of rubber. This is not only an eco friendly game but it will also help your kids learn a whole lot of things. This game will help your kid grow up better. That’s one heck of an eco friendly game, isn’t it?


Yes, you heard it right, an eco friendly teether for your little kid to help his or her teeth grow. This teether is made out of wood and no, you need not worry, it will not harm your kid’s teeth. Also, the material can be recycled time and again and hence, it is nature friendly to buy this commendable wooden teether for your kid. This is obviously meant for those kids whose teeth are just beginning to pop out. If your kid is one of those, go ahead and get them an eco friendly teether.


Everyone loves to play with dolls at a young age. Your kid is asking for it but you do not want to get plastic toys at home? Why not go ahead and get a rag doll for your little kid. It is going to be helpful to a great extent. These days the mermaid rag doll is doing quite the rounds. It is made from cotton and hasn’t caused any harm to the environment.

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