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Smart ways of parenting

Parenting has never been an easy task and especially with the changing environment and the increasing demands of the new generation, parents find it even trickier. The only way to deal with the present day smart kid is to earn the trick and adopt some smart ways of parenting.

Tips for you

As a parent, you can find these parenting tips useful.

1. Seeing the positive side helps – When you want your children to be responsible and exhibit behaviors that are good, you need to pay attention to only good behaviors. Negative behaviors are better ignored rather than nagging or punishing or them. Instead, if only the positive or the good behaviors are considered and the children are praised for them, they are more likely to understand what gives them rewards. So seeing and tackling the positive side can help in changing the negative behaviors too.

2. Ignoring can work – While it is important that you need to be careful about the health and safety of your children, minor issues that are not dangerous can be ignored. It can be frustrating for you as well as the child to have a dispute over every simple thing. So simple issues can be ignored; you can talk to the child keeping those issues ignored and the child will learn the right thing as time passes.

3. Avoiding misbehavior – Proper planning, mental and physical preparation of the child can help in reducing misbehavior or tantrums in public. Make sure their personal needs are met and carry some food, toys, books that they can enjoy while you finish with your chores.

4. Gathering information – You can learn about child development and their changing needs with growing age by joining a peer group, online forum, parenting magazines and so on. This will keep you updated and make you feel more confident too.

 5. Taking time out – Parenting can be very stressful and all you need to do is take some time out for you and your partner. This is very important for your health as well as for your child’s development. When you are mentally and physically sound you can give the best to your child.


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