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Envisioning the future of home automation industry

Home automation is an evolving industry that has already come up with some astounding concepts and technologies, and the future seems even more impressive. Owing to the fast-paced technological advancement many more impressive and surprising technologies seems to be there in its future lot of home automation industry. Following are the few home automation concepts in the making that are going to change our lives in the near future only for good.

Gesture based home automation system

As it is home automation systems have added so much of convenience to our lives, and the gesture control technology being used in home automation systems is going to take the level of comfort even higher.

You will not have to use your Smartphone and apps to control devices but a mere signal of your hand would do. Gesture control technology is going to benefit us all but will be most beneficial for people with motor impairments. Following are some examples of gesture control devices:


Reemo is a home automation product that allows you take control of your home with interactive gestures using your hands, thus, taking home automation to a new and an exciting level. Reemo has all the more simplified the concept of home automation, as a simple slight movement of your hand controls home automation systems.

It is a wristband that interprets fine movements of your hand into signals that make it control home automation systems. Turn on your music system, switch off the lights, set thermostat, unlock door, turn on the lights, and much more using your gestures with Reemo on your wrist.

The Ring

The Ring is a smart gadget that literally brings home control onto your fingers. It is a wearable gadget, a chunky ring with sensors and electronics that make it able to control smart devices on it. It is a gesture based gadget that interprets your finger movements like you are writing something in the air to control home automation devices.

The Ring is Bluetooth enabled and connects to iPod, iPad, iPhone,Windows phone, and Android 4.4. It detects your finger movements and not your hand movements. There is built-in vibration LED in the Ring that vibrates to alert you whenever there is a notification for you.

WiSee Gesture Recognition System

Wisee leverages ongoing wireless transmissions such as WiFi to enable whole home sensing using human gestures. Walls are no barriers for wireless signals, which make Wisee the one of its kind device that identifies gestures in line-of-sight, non-line-of-sight conditions.

Voice Activation in Home Automation Systems

Use of the voice activation technology in home automation systems of today somehow reminds me of the magic phrase “Khulja simsim” that used to allow Ali Baba into the cage.

He used to chant this phrase and the doors used to open, the same is going to happen in the smart homes of the near future as well. Imagine yourself changing thermostat settings, lighting, music, and others not manually but by just giving verbal orders.

Your voice can control just about anything you configure it to control. For instance, you come home, and standing at your door you say “open”, and it opens. You enter in and say “lights turn on”, and your house illuminates.

You sit down on the couch and say “TV play”, and television automatically turns on, and many more things you can do like this. Just imagine how comfortable and magical your life is going to be in near future.

The ultimate features and benefits of home automation have already made the industry such a big success, and its future seems even more promising and benefitting.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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