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Eight decor Takeaways from Celebrity Homes

Lauren Conrad's home

Celebrities are known for their style, glamour and red carpet appearances. However, some celebrities are also known for their super stylish and comfortable homes. While most celebrities hire an interior designer to decorate their homes, some actually do it themselves. In either case, here are 8 decor takeaways from these celebrity homes which when added to your home, would give it that extra oomph and glam you always wanted.

Jessica Alba’s Mix and Match Look

Make your home more inviting by opting to add a quaint blend of different textures and materials. Take Jessica Alba’s home for example. The actress has created a casual and yet, sophisticated space by mixing materials like linen, leather, wool, seagrass, wood and bronze against a neutral backdrop in a very stylish and harmonious manner.

Lauren Conrad’s Vertical Delight

Lauren Conrad's home

Image Source : mydomaine.com

If you have a double high ceiling, then consider making the most use of it by drawing the eye upwards to create a visual feeling of extra space. For instance, Lauren Conrad’s home plays with this same trait and is filled with vertical art pieces and tall mirrors leaning against the wall in order to draw the visitor’s interest upwards.

Organizing Tips from Jamie King

One should definitely learn some organizing tips from Jamie King who has created a stylish and highly functional closet space in her home. Placing extra emphasis on her individual style, Jamie King ensured that everything in her closet is either tucked away in a pull out compartment, hung in carved out spaces or kept within easy reach in acrylic dividers. This is a definite takeaway for those who prefer to keep things organized in a neat manner.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Personal Style

The world remains hooked on Kourtney Kardashian and her penchant for style. The girl is known to take risks on both her fashion sense and her home interiors. Case in point: her really bold looking bedroom that has just the right blend of colors, textures, patterns and artwork to create a personal statement without looking too over the top.

Cindy Crawford’s Casual Decor Style

This actress never fails to amaze us with her unique sense of style and decor. Located on a beach in Malibu, her mansion is the perfect blend of casualness, sophistication and kid friendliness all rolled into one. Crawford’s mansion is also the best example of the global traveler meets California casual style that can be a truly unique decor idea for your home.

Angelic White by Rachel Zoe

White give off an angelic aura that is hard to miss. That is exactly what Rachel Zoe apparently wanted to recreate in her dining room. The all white palette of the room is simply stunning while the drape free floor to ceiling windows let as much natural light into the space as possible, making it look airier and more spacious. The minimal use of accessories also increases the room’s spa like vibe.

Anthony Edward’s Wallpaper Idea

Not many of us are fond of using wall paper for our home decor owing to the gaudy prints and colors they often portray. However, an elegant wallpaper design can easily add more depth and texture to a room, as is evident from Anthony Edward’s home. The home features an eclectic mix of wallpaper patterns that enliven the hallways, guest bedrooms and even the bathroom. Considering the fact that wallpaper costs much less than paint, you can easily opt for the same to a create a sensational interior look for your home.

Adam Levine’s Bachelor Pad Look


Bachelors can definitely take a cue from Adam Levine’s home which is designed for the quintessential dude. With a quirky mix of colors and decor pieces, the actor’s home definitely fits the bill as the perfect place to hang out with your friends as well as bring your girlfriend home to.


Celebrity homes are always scrutinized by individuals for decor ideas that can be borrowed and used in their own homes. Here are 8 such celebrity home design ideas that can be easily integrated with your home to create a unique, personal look that everyone would go gaga over.

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