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E-commerce companies can generally contribute to a greener world

The advent of e-commerce companies has benefited many an individual who now simply visits an online store rather than shopping at a brick and mortar store. However, e-commerce stores have some rather large conveniences (or rather benefits) for the environment as well. Take a look at some of these salient advantages that you as well as the environment around you can enjoy through these e-commerce companies.

Reduced emissions and fuel costs

One of the biggest benefits of online shopping is that rather than driving to a store in person, you can buy things from online stores. This helps save plenty in terms of fuel related costs, and the resulting emissions. While some may argue that online shopping results in home deliveries in vehicles that pollute the environment, it can be considered negligible when compared to the multiple vehicles that plow the road every single day. Studies have in fact indicated that the majority of online shoppers tend to visit malls and supermarkets less often. The increase in the number of online shoppers translates to reduced congestion and traffic jams, thus allowing these vehicles to pass through easily without idling and polluting the environment in the process.

Less paper wasted in ads and presentations

A product would not appeal to consumers unless it is promoted. This is in most cases, achieved via advertisements. Paper advertisements, banners and billboards promoting a product can lead to lots of paper being wasted in the process. The increasing demand for more paper to meet these promotional causes in turn leads to more trees to be felled.

E-commerce companies on the other hand, can simply create very unique and creative online presentations and advertisements to appeal to their customers. They can choose attractive templates from other websites and create innovative advertisements that would appeal more to customers. Sent via emails and mobile messages, these promotions will literally curb the need for paper, thus saving lots of trees in the process.

Reduced paper waste in online billing

You would be surprised to note the sheer amount of paper that is wasted via billing every year. This is where online stores can step in to save the day. Another advantage of shopping online is that you can pay all of your bills online via card transactions or net banking. The need for paper billing is therefore reduced drastically in both cases, thus saving plenty of trees as well as reducing the fuel costs associated with transporting these paper bills.

Reduced waste due to reduced infrastructure

Brick and mortar shops generally create a lot of waste and use up a lot of resources like water and electricity for their daily operations. E-commerce companies eradicate the need for these shops, getting rid of the middleman completely as the consumer can buy directly from the manufacturer. The reduced need for a physical office infrastructure in turn minimizes the waste produced by these establishments, and releases the resources used by them to be used for other purposes.

Increased access to recycled, re-purposed goods

It would be hard to come across second hand goods unless you visit specific thrift shops or consignment stores in person. Not via online shopping though. Online shopping gives the consumer access to thousands of second hand goods around the world that are sold by the first owners themselves. Sites like Craiglist allow customers to buy recycled, re-purposed products at half the original price while ensuring they do their bit to save the environment.


E-commerce companies have manifold benefits for the environment. The factors mentioned here reiterate the same fact and indicate how consumers would contribute to saving the environment by opting to shop online.


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