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How to make DIY Santa Claus costume

Christmas is a festival of joy and is only complete if you meet your Santa Claus. A Santa’s appearance is a must be it a Christmas costume party or a school play. There would be numerous designs of Santa’s costumes that are made out of diverse fabrics in stores. But have you ever wondered if you could design your own Santa Claus costume? It is very much possible to make one on your own. But yes, it would require some amount of sewing. But you can keep sewing to a minimal by opting for hot glue instead of needle and thread. If you have made up your mind to try your hand in designing a Santa Claus costume here is what you require.

Complexity level: Moderate

Time required: 1-2 hours

Resources Required

1. Sweat shirt & sweat pant in red which should be a size bigger than the usual size the person playing the Santa wears.

2. A plain T-Shirt, which is a size larger than the normal T-shirt size the person playing the Santa wears.

3. Fluffy fabric in white for trim (You can use faux fur or polar fleece).

4. Pillows: 1 or 2 , based on the size of tummy you wish.

5. Elastic band to fit around the waist.

6. Santa’s hat.

7. Snow boots in black color.

8. Black belt

9. Hot glue or needle and thread.


1. Prepare the trim: Cut the white fabric into 4” strips. You can cut them as thin or as wide as you want but a 4” cut gives a good look to the costume.

2. Attach the trim to the costume: Attach the 4” strips to the costume by either sewing it or use the hot glue around the neck of sweat shirt, bottom of the sweat shirt and down in the middle of the sweat shirt.

3. Putting the sweat pants: Slip into the sweat pants and tuck the bottom of the sweat pants into the snow boots.

4. Stuff pillows: Wear the plain T-Shirt and stuff pillows underneath it.

5. Use elastic band to secure the pillow: Make use of the elastic band to secure the bottom of the T-shirt so that the pillow does not fall off.

6. Wear the sweat shirt and hat: Now put on the sweat shirt and then top it with the Santa ’s hat.

7. Put on the beard: You can use the extra white fabric as beard if you want to make a fashion statement. Else you can find an artificial beard at stores.

8. Finish the look with a belt : Buckle a black belt around your waist and you are all set for the “ Ho-Ho-Ho”

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I decide on the investment that I have to make on the Santa suit?

A. Based on your usage and budget you can zero down on what type of Santa suit you would want to design. If you feel your wear and tear would be more, it makes sense to invest in good fabric for the dress. Else you can opt for cheaper fabrics if you intend to use it only few times.

Quick tips

1. You can grab sweat shirts and pants for cheap during sales that happen starting from fall.

2. When buying the white fabric, if you get a yard of it you can use it to prepare beard too for the complete look.

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