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Ideal bags for moms

It is never easy for a mother to decide on what has to go in a bag especially when she has to juggle her kids along. Based on the age of the child, she needs to carry all the essentials that might come handy. A miss to any important item in her bag, might cost her a lot. At the same time, if she is carrying too many bags with too many items, it would be difficult to carry the child. A mother’s bag should have all the stuff that is needed for her children. It is not very tough to ensure that the bag has all the necessities. With a little experience, every mother would eventually master the art of packing bags when going out with her kid. This is when she can segregate things that are indispensable and which are not. Based on her child’s needs she would need to plan ahead and take things that would be necessary. Here are few packing tips and bags that might make a mother’s life easier:

1. Mom of baby

Ideal bag idea: A carry bag for ‘baby’ is the one which can serve as a diaper bag and your purse as well. Go for a bag that has many pouches so that segregating and grabbing things when needed becomes easy. Opt for fabric that can be easy to clean and the one which has bottle holders and changing pads.

Baby essentials: A baby would need never ending supplies of diapers. Make sure you take appropriate number of diapers. Apart from those keep soothers, bib, teething ring, toys, bottles, food, wipes and a pair of clothes for change.

Mom must haves: Pack a lip balm, shimmer, comb, hair clip, facial tissues. Do drop your bottle of water, sanitizer, key bunch, cellular phone and wallet into the bag.

2. Mom of tots

Ideal bag idea: It can be a multi-functional tote that can be used as your gym bag if needed. You may not have to stack up your bag with diapers as before.

Baby essentials: It would be a good practice to have band-aids, antiseptic cream and package tissue as your kid would be super active as never before. Also take a bottle of water along with a healthy snack. To keep your kid engaged put in some white paper and crayons so that your kid can be entertained when bored.

Mom must haves: You might need the same things that you carried when your little apple was a baby.

3. Mom of school kids

Ideal bag idea: This is finally the time where you get to pamper yourself and get a purse since by this time your kids stuff would invariably go into a back pack.

Baby essentials: You would still have to have band-aids, antiseptic cream, package tissue, water bottle and wipes.

Mom must haves: You will have loads of room in your purse now. You can happily put little compact beauty – aids. A nail file, hand cream, and face powder can surely make it to your purse. If you still have room in your purse, take your magazine, iPod and a fold – able shopping bag.

Quick tips

1. Unnecessary bulk: A very good practice is to store your grocery list and appointments in your phone rather than putting up the whole agenda in your bag. Always avoid carrying things that are heavy and huge.

2. Avoid Extra Baggage: You might not require three items of the same category. Simply carry a lip-stick and a few favorite toys of your kid.

3. Smart Use: You can purchase a smart phone which has an amazing camera, as it might come in hand, plus saves you the extra baggage of carrying your camera each time you are going out. You can take cameras only for special occasions. Do not forget to put water and edible items that you can eat and drink together.

4. Clean and clear bag on weekly basis: Get rid of unwanted coins and receipts that have accumulated over the week. If you have not touched stuff for a week, remove them.

5. Use pouches: Sort out items by putting them in separate zip-bags. You can put your things like make-up; first-aid kit, food etc into resalable zip bags. It would be an amazing time saver tactic.

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