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New-found duck-billed dinosaur could run 28 miles per hour!


A recent discovery related to T-Rex prove that you can either outrun the predator or hide from the same to survive. This is what researchers proved after they discovered the fossils of ‘Dakota’ — the dinosaur. The T-Rex fossil has been christened Dakota for identification purposes. Although I seriously doubt you can run more than 28 mile per hour.

Experts believe that the now fossilized T-Rex had a striped skin, and was 10 times faster than it’s prey back in the day. Also, the body was subjected to a very unique mummification process. The fossil helped researchers get an idea on the behavior of the T-Rex. Folks involved in this study now have an idea of how the animal moved and ate.

The mummified Dinosaur is actually a duck-billed dinosaur which is otherwise known to us as hadrosaur. The animal must have died between 65m to 67m years ago. The cause of the death is believed to be meteorite impact. Another interesting part about this find is that a 16 year old fossil hunter Tyler Lyson discovered the fossil back in 1999.

Previously, a computer model examined the data and analyzed how fast the T-Rex could run. The speed is believed to be 28 miles per hour! The details related to Dakota has been revealed in a National Geographic program called Dino Autopsy. I wonder what Dr.Jack Horner (Dino expert) thinks about this finding.

Image: Usatoday

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