The world meets at Bali in an effort to save the planet

world meets at Bali in an effort to save the planet

a globe placed to signify the summit

While most of us constantly talk about the effects of global warming and deteriorating environmental conditions across the planet, few probably are facing or would face consequences more grave than those residing on the long island chain of Indonesia. If the world’s ice caps were to continue to melt at the alarming rate that they are, then very soon the island nation might find itself below water. To organize a summit in Bali to start an initiative aimed at protection of world environment is only befitting indeed.

Over 10,000 delegates from 190 countries across the planet would participate in the summit to be held on the beautiful island during 3-14 of December. The talks are basically aimed at forcing both the US and China to a more committed environmental policy. Despite all the fuss made by the US, it still has not set an emission limit on its Carbon based releases into the atmosphere, nor does it has any concrete targets set. The summit aims at trying to bring some of the biggest emitters such as China and US and also those small island nations together to achieve some common ground.

The entire purpose of this huge congress is to see that the developed nations ‘set their own houses in order’, as environment is not an economic policy where the rich can shove around the poor. In fact the more developed nations have to take more responsibility in this regard as they can afford the technology that is an alternate to existing systems which pollute the environment.

The Bali gathering aims find a way to update or replace the existing Kyoto Protocol, which binds 36 industrial countries to emission curbs from 2008 to 2012. The United States and China, along with other developing nations have no ceilings under Kyoto. They have found a convenient way not to pledge their commitment for a better tomorrow. The European Union is a good example to follow as it has already stated that it would cut its emissions by 20% of those which existed in 1990, by the year 2020.

While it would still be a very hard task to force some of the Asian pollution giants like China and India to have concrete goals as they are already facing problems of poverty and have a more basic goal of trying to provide their people a better standard of living, surely a nation like the US can take more responsibility. The summit aims at exactly that and one can only hope that it is not a fancy show of hypocrisy, where people are just out to enjoy the island of Bali. If the nations don’t start being serious and committed to the cause now, very soon there might not be an island called Bali to hold a summit or enjoy a holiday on.


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