Cleaning your wool carpet without using water

Cleaning your wool carpet without using water

<![CDATA[Carpeting is the favorite flooring tool for many interior designers and flooring experts because of the strong nature of the fiber and its flexibility and smoothness. People prefer carpets over many other flooring options because it acts as an insulator and keeps the house warm during winters, while giving it a nice, elegant look. But when it comes to the task of cleaning of carpets, it is not liked by many because of its tedious nature. Many people dislike carpets because theyare prone to stains and dirt. Before thinking of investing in wool carpets, it is worthwhile to know methods for the cleaning and upkeep of carpets. We list a few of those methods below:

Abrasive cleaners

When choosing carpet cleaners, make sure that they have a pH between five and eight. Another important fact that one should always keep in mind while buying a carpet cleaner is, that it should not have bleach or brightener in it.

Vacuum regularly

By vacuuming the carpet regularly, the carpet is kept to look great for a longer period of time. If a carpet is vacuumed regularly, dirt stored in the layers of the carpet is picked up before it does harm to the carpet.

Lifting stains

Never allow stains the time to settle in. Carpets become useless if the stains are given time to set in. You can easily lift the stains with a carpet cleaner as soon it catches stain.

Beater brush

A beater brush is the best way to clean the carpet without using water. It helps to remove the dirt from the carpet. However, a beater brush cannot be used to remove stains from the carpet. One should always read the instructions before using a beater brush because for some carpets, beater brush is not a recommended option.

Cleaning back of rug

If you do not clean the back of your carpet regularly, there are chances of your carpet getting dirty shortly after you purchase it. It is recommended that you flip the carpet twice a month and vacuum the back of the carpet to remove the dirt.


Neutralize pet odors and stains by mixing vinegar and water and then blotting it with a white towel. While blotting, always make sure that you do not move the towel in circles but rather move it in straight lines because rubbing in circles can cause permanent damage to the carpet.


While deciding to get a carpet, it is important that you consider the maintenance and upkeep of the carpet. Regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping the carpet looking good, and helps increase its life.]]>

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