Your home should really have a chimney. Here’s why.

Your home should really have a chimney

<![CDATA[A kitchen is not complete without a chimney. The smoke, hot and stuffy air that results from cooking and kitchen related things is let out by a chimney. Almost all chimneys are vertical in shape and are built right above the cooking appliance; be it a stove, oven, the traditional home-made cooking stones. Chimneys are inevitable in any well-planned built house for their superb benefits.

First, they keep smoke off kitchen. Smoke is irritating and causes tears to the eyes. Smoke is corrosive in nature, be it to the building, kitchen utensils and even hands. With smoke, visibility is reduced and thus causes accidents especially given that kitchen has many sharp objects.

Secondly, chimneys help maintain cool temperatures in the kitchen. Kitchens get stuffed with hot temperatures as a result of cooking or even food stored. Chimneys help make the kitchen cool and thus a conducive place to work in.

Chimneys also keep away odors from the kitchen. Different foods smell differently and a combination of these odours makes the kitchen a bad place to work in. Bad odors also come from food peel offs, rotting food or fermented foods like sour milk. Chimneys help clear these smells by ventilating the room.

Chimneys also help reduce noise in the house. Since they are an outlet from the kitchen to the outside, noise in the kitchen too escapes through the chimney, thus sounds from the kitchen will rarely distract people in the main room. The noise could be created by boiling food, food or firewood being split or even noise from chefs.

To help keep Kitchen clean, chimneys are inevitable. Smoke discolors walls, cooking items and almost everything in the kitchen. By keeping smoke off kitchen, chimneys keep the walls and everything in the kitchen cleaner and bright looking for longer.

Chimneys enlarge kitchen’s space. By keeping the place well ventilated, cool and fresh smelling all the time, one can put more kitchen gadgets in the kitchen, store more food items and even cook more food as opposed to a kitchen without a chimney.

Lastly, chimneys help us maintain good health and hygiene. By helping in all the above functions, lives get better. Reduced accidents and stress, increased space and ventilation leads to better health and hygiene and thus elongates life span. Remember with chimneys, cooking does not involve any dirty and smoky methods.


The chimney has its benefits, even if it has been increasingly ignored in recent years. If you have the space, try to make use of a chimney.]]>

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