Flotex is an excellent flooring option

Flotex is an excellent flooring option

<![CDATA[Flotex Flooring is a quality textile flooring that has the durable features of resilient flooring with the comfort and warmth of a carpet. Flotex consists of solid vinyl and a base that has a densely flocked nylon surface. Flotex is stable, resembles textile flooring, and can be easily cleaned just like resilient floor covering. Flotex comes in both tile and sheet formats.

One feature that makes Flotex stand out from other flooring is its protection against harmful elements. Flotex has anti-microbial treatment that guarantees protection against bacteria. It also prevents degeneration that occurs when cleaning or vacuuming. This treatment also guards against dust mite.

Carpets are known to retain allergens. Flotex retains and releases them after cleaning. For those with allergies, Flotex has a seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation. Therefore, Flotex is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Flotex flooring’s vertical fibers make it easier to clean the surfaces. These fibers prevent spilled products from staining the surface of the floor. In addition, Flotex does not soak up stains like ordinary carpets. This flooring is waterproof which means spillage trickle down to the fibers and settle on the floor. Flotex bears the insulation features of regular carpets. Vinyl and laminate flooring are usually cold underfoot.

On the other hand, Flotex retains warmth providing you with a surface that keeps your rooms warm. Whilst carpets might soak up stains, Flotex flooring is completely waterproof. Any spillage will simply trickle down the fibers before settling on the waterproof floor. Everyday splashes and spills are easy to clean and you need not worry about your floor staining. Flotex flooring is mainly used in offices, public buildings, schools, dining areas and care homes.

There are many designs for Flotex flooring all suited for the specific needs of different people. Flotex classic sheet consists of eight variations that can be installed in any segment you may think of. Flotex HD is a high definition digital print design that consists of a superior texture which has 3D like appearance. There is also the Flotex Sot Sass that has four unique designs created for Forbo.

Flotex tiles offer flexibility and come available within the sheet range. Flotex tiles come with a recycled backing. It is a modern kind of flooring which comes with a wide range of applications. This type of flooring is easy to clean, warm, and waterproof. There are also various kinds of Flotex patterns and styles all suited for people with different requirements. If you are looking for flooring for your home, office or institution, Flotex is sure to live up to your expectations.


Flotex is a high density, easy to maintain flooring. Flotex does everything a carpet does, and does it better.]]>

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