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Choosing a room color that can positively stimulate your child’s behavior

Most of tend to go by our instincts and choose the most visually flattering color when it comes to painting our kids room. However, studies have revealed that the specific choice of colors for a kid’s room will have a great influence on their behavior and mood patterns. These studies have established a direct relationship between the colors in kid’s room and the way they affect a kid physically as well as psychologically.

As such, it is imperative for parents to choose the right color choices for their kid’s rooms in order to foster positive behavior and development. Accordingly, here are some of the more common color choices often chosen for kids’ rooms, and how they influence mood and behavior.


A common color for boys’ rooms, blue is said to have a calm, cooling effect on the mind. The color can offers a deep sense of relaxation while helping make the room spacious in the process. Studies have revealed that having blue in the room can effectively reduce issues related to anxiety as well as high blood pressure. Hence, blue is considered as a suitable room color for kids who find it hard to sleep or cause tantrums.


Red is known to be an energizing color and can elevate the mood instantly as well as influence increased activity levels. It has also been associated with increased breathing and heart rates, and in some cases, aggressive behavior. Hence red would not be such a great color for your kid’s room for an active child or restless child.


Yellow belongs to a group of warm colors that can have energizing effects on the body. It is also known to stimulate proper growth and brain development. Yellow is associated with brightness and happiness and can bring this aura into the room. While the brighter hues of the color may promote increased metabolism and memory power while softer shades can increase concentration. However, the color may be too active for kids who are restless or hyperactive active.


Purple is associated with the color of royalty and can bring that aura into your kid’s room. The color is also known to stimulate positive behavior in a balanced manner by including the energetic ambiance of red with the calming effect of blue.


Also known as a ‘girl’ color, pink offers a calm, relaxing ambiance that promotes empathy. Considering it is largely associated with girls, the color is widely used to evoke femininity. However, kids with anxiety disorders can experience heightened symptoms of the condition along with agitation if the entire room is painted in pink.


Although it is not often considered as the best room color for kids, orange can have manifold benefits for your kid’s health. The color promotes social behavior and friendliness by stimulating interpersonal communication. In addition to this, it can have a calm, relaxing effect on the mind and can reduce elevated blood pressure levels effectively.


Also called the color of peace, green is the best choice for kids who are hyperactive or restless. The lighter shade of the color is also known to promote good health and well-being in addition to promoting quick recovery from illnesses.


White is known to promote calmness and is associated with purity and innocence. It can be a good choice for your kids’ room provided you add in a splash of color. Too much of white color is also known to enhance modernity and secretiveness. A splash of color will thus, promote openness.


Brown is a very pleasant color, which can promote friendliness. It also evokes a feeling of warmness in the room. However, you would need to choose a shade that is neither too dark nor too light in order to avoid promoting unpleasant behavior.

When choosing colors for your kid’s room, take a close look at the colors mentioned above as well as their potential benefits and side effects on your kid. Choose a color that will best suit your kid’s personality and promote positive behavior in the long run.


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