Whoever said celebrity style is not easy must be joking. This very common misconception often has us wondering as to how celebrities carry off certain styles with ease. We try to emulate them, but end up botching our look in the end. Well, here are some clever styling tips and tricks from some really fashionable celebrities which will help us find out how they manage to do it in style.

Don’t Hide your Shape

The first thing you would need to do to dress like a celebrity is embrace your natural body shape. No amount of clothing is going to change that, and you will probably end up looking hideous in outfits that don’t fit your frame. So check your body shape and dress accordingly.

Show your assets, hide your flaws

This is a secret every celebrityhas probably mastered to perfection. Never go by fashion trends and think that just because a dress looks nice on everyone else, it would look good on you too. The best way to dress like a celebrity is to highlight your assets and hide your flaws.

For instance, if you have beautiful arms, opt for sleeveless attire. If your positives are your legs, wear short dresses that accentuate them. And if you have a beautiful face, divert attention upwards by wearing statement neck pieces. Remember, the trick to dressing like a celebrity is to know what is good about your body and flaunt it with style.

Show skin, but not too much

Celebrities love to show skin, but ensure that they do in a strategic manner as to not attract unwanted attention. Knowing what to hide and what to bare plays a crucial role in marking the difference between a sexy and downright sleazy dress.

The trick here is to show off just one portion of the body while hiding the rest. For instance, if you show some leg, keep the cleavage covered. If you want to show some cleavage, cover your legs.

Beware of light seeking outfits

While wearing sheer outfits can be trendy, you don’t want to show skin in an outfit you thought is not transparent. For instance, white tops can become see through in day light and black can become ultra -transparent under the glaring lights of a camera. So be safe and check the outfit under different light settings before stepping out.

Mix Colors and Prints

One wonders how to mix prints and colors like celebrities do and get away with it as well? You will notice that celebrities do love to pile on colors and prints at times. But they do it in style by opting for classic cuts and shapes so as to not look tacky. This is probably where you have been going wrong all along.

Choose the right hem height

One of the biggest mistake ladies tend to make when choosing pants is not choosing the right length. The right length for a pant would be such that it should graze the top of your shoe, and should probably be ½ inch from the floor. If you choose a pant that is lengthier than this, don’t fret. Simply have the hem fixed to the desired height and you are ready to rock the look with style.

Be Prepared for the Dressing Room

When shopping for new attire, we tend to give our shape slimmer a miss. This way, we end up buying a dress that becomes too flabby after wearing the slimmer. So make it a point to visit the dressing room wearing your shape slimmer in order to get the perfect fit of the dress you intend to buy.

Choose your accessories carefully

Wonder how many celebrities manage to rock the neutral look to perfection? Check out the accessories they flaunt. A bright accessory is sometimes the only thing an outfit needs in order to look perkier and chic. So if you have a closet full of neutrals like black, white, grey, navy or camel that you simply don’t have the heart to throw away, choose some bright, funky accessories to make them look stylish.

Wear the right makeup

A beautiful outfit will look tacky with the wrong makeup. So take cues from your favorite celebrity to see how they wear makeup when stepping out. The trick here is to wear minimal but attractive makeup that doesn’t make your outfit look too jarring.

A lot of us tend to wonder how some celebrities flaunt fashionable attire effortlessly. A few celebrity style secrets like these will help us learn the tips and tricks of the trade, thus letting us dressing like celebrities ourselves.

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