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Wearable devices make home automation easier, more accessible

The concept of home automation is not new but the technological advancements that keep taking place certainly helps reinvigorating this concept. Wearable technology was a thing that could only be seen in sci-fi movies and not in reality some time ago but innovations and developments have made this technology a thing that every human being today has access to, just like it is being used in home automation system. Here is a rundown on some of the wearable home automation technologies getting popularity with every passing day.

Wearable technology to unify smart home experiences

Integration of wearable technology in home automation has brought even more convenience and style to the smart homes of today. The technology has brought freedom from touch-based or voice commands with the use of commands that use the gestures of a person. Wearable technology is developing rapidly and is all set to take control of your home depending upon your bodily requirements.

For instance, a device adjusts thermostat on its own because it knows your body’s temperature. Another wearable device switches on the lights automatically in your home as soon as you enter, as it notices your log in and log out time initially and then conditions all the home automation systems accordingly. Following are some of the wearable devices that are making home automation much more convenient and happening.


Misfit wearable technology is all set to mark its name in the field of home automation as the cheapest technology with its coin cell battery that is replaceable and works without recharge for a minimum of six months. It controls the operation of light bulbs, thermostats, door locks, fire alarms, and burglar alarms with just a single click on it.


HIRIS is a wearable technology that system that is a tracker and a watch. HIRIS has two modules – the main HIRIS core and the HIRIS tracker. The first module is equipped with a small OLED-display, a Wi-Fi adaptor, Bluetooth 4.0, a battery of 200 mAh capacity, and a set of different sensors that include accelerometer, gyroscope sensors of humidity, heart rate, pressure, and temperature.

The other module has fewer sensors, battery capacity is of 100 mAh capacity and it has no screen. While using it as a fitness tracker, it tracks your sleep quality, number of calories burnt, and your heartbeat and blood pressure count. HIRIS device supports gesture control that makes it a suitable device to control home automation systems.


This bracelet works like an electrocardiogram is a next gen thing in the world of home automation. It makes use of your heartbeat just as other home automation devices make use of the owner’s fingerprints.

After initial authentication the bracelet starts verifying a person’s identity, unlocks, and makes devices work based on that identity and the Bluetooth Smart technology. The Nymi bracelet works on a 3-factor security system, i.e. your own Nymi, your unique heartbeat, and AAD (Authorized Authentication Device).


Reemo is a wrist-worn device that controls functioning home automation systems such as smart fans, doors, televisions, vents, garage doors, and thermostats in your home using your gestures. Wearing Reemo on your wrist, you just have to point it towards the device and move your wrist a bit, and the device will automatically start its function.

After Smartphones, wearable devices are the next revolution in the field of home automation. As it is home automation system has added so much of convenience into our lives through its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity of devices, now the wearable technology is all set to take the level of convenience to greater heights.

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