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Casual human stance toward global warming causes world’s nastiest wildfire

greek fire 7

After four days of rigorous exertion against the wildfire, Greeks heaved a sigh of relief as it’s subsided now. Since Aug. 21, 37,000 acres of land had faced the brunt, devouring 150 homes so far. Though no casualties are there, the calamity still forces commoners to ponder over the possible cause. They seek some speedy rebuttals from the Greek government to cleanse the spring of endemic. Yes, it’s definitely contagious as the world history is crammed with such nasty fires sprouting time and again. It’s time to take action and spot the evildoer.

Pictorial after the jump:

Global Warming is the possible cause:

greek fire 8

If we try procuring the possible reasons of such fires, we will be vindicating our callous attitude while holding weather, wind and nature responsible for it. Up to an extent, these natural phenomenons are to blame but the real causes are we humans. In order to dictate our terms on environs, we’ve spoiled it to an irretrievable degree. Pollution, carbon emissions from power plants, airplanes, buildings, increase in the level of water vapors, city gridlock, deforestation, permafrost, treeless plains, overstretching deserts, and most importantly, human negligence toward these all, leads to global warming. And it makes exposed forests vulnerable to conflagration.

Here, we present some seriously upsetting images of the Greek Fire:

greek fire 9

Image: Stuff

greek fire 1

Image: BBC

greek fire 2

Image: Time

greek fire 3

Image: ChinaDaily

greek fire 4

Image: Newsday

greek fire 5

Image: Times of Malta

greek fire 6

Image: Mirror

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