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‘Trash to Treasure,’ reel tips for real green life

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It started as a sale, and then went on to become an event and now get ready to witness Trash to Treasure the movie. This feature-length, action documentary explores the benefit extravaganza that magnetizes huge crowds of bargain hunters to Beaver Stadium annually. The film is scheduled to premiere at Penn State’s Eisenhower Auditorium on Saturday, August 29. So be seated by 7:30 if you do not wish to miss it.

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Following the free showing, Trash to Treasure committee members will hold a live panel discussion and question answer session related to the sale. The one hour 10 minute documentary directed by John Patishnock reveals the inner workings of the largest philanthropic event conducted by the Center County United Way of Pennsylvania.

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The Trash to Treasure project has granted national recognition to Penn State for its environmentally friendly efforts. This annual extravaganza bestows new life to items that would otherwise be discarded and end up in the local landfill. Students donate everything from carpets, fans, clothing items, electronics, appliances, area rugs, furniture, bedding, sporting goods to much more, which is then put to sale for affordable prices. All of the proceeds from this sale go to the Center County United Way, which funds 40 local partner agencies. The program has already raised a good $350,000. Penn State has kept 530 tons of goods from being ending up in landfills, saving 3,600 gallons of fuel that would be required to haul the trash. There are plans on giving the film, which has been submitted to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, to universities and groups interested in organizing similar sales.

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