The benefits of using organic baby clothing

Going ‘green’ for your baby’s wardrobe will not cost you anything extra but it could be a healthy transition. You can choose to make things on your own right from baby wipes to laundry detergent, to stop the hazardous chemicals from affecting your baby. Go for organic baby clothing since it does involve use of any harsh chemicals. You can choose to make things on your own right from baby wipes to laundry detergents.

Harmful effects of conventional fabric and clothing

It is a must to change from the conventional fabric and clothing to prevent its harmful effects being imposed on your baby. Regular cotton might be viewed as a natural clothing fiber for the babies, but still, it is said to be pretty far away from the natural environment. There are only 2.5% of cotton crops grown in the whole world, but the amount of pesticides used in it is very high than other crops in particular. The WHO has estimated that over 10,000 people, especially farmers; pass away due to this much of exposure to insecticides. Baby’s internal systems and their skin are said to be more receptive and hypersensitive towards these effects of the insecticides. These insecticides are shown as a major cause to create many health problems in them which include autism, birth defects and endocrine disruption.

Polyester, nylon and rayon are human created fabrics and they do not possess the same misery as of that of cotton, but still they have their own disadvantages, wherein polyester and nylon together are said to be made from petroleum-based elements, while rayon is said to be made from wood pulp and is treated with sulfuric acid to help the pulp turn into fabric. Not only these, there are also many kinds of chemicals being added to the fabrics to make them stain free and iron free clothes altogether.

PFC or perfluorinated chemical is used to provide the fabric a iron free nature, wherein these PFCs are said to be the main cause for many health problems which includes cancer too.

Benefits of organic clothing

With all the above said problems, you might wonder how to choose the best clothing for your baby. You do not have to worry about that from now on, since there are many natural and organic clothing available. By making your baby wear such clothes, you do not have to keep on worrying about the health concern of your baby and environmental risks involved in the process of making that cloth.

Organic baby clothing that is made from the qualified and licensed organic cotton fibers should be the best choice of clothing for the babies. There are certain official organizations that have certified the organic cotton fibers, such as the Australian Certified Organic present in Australia, Soil Association or Organic Farmers & Growers present in the UK, and the USDA National Organic program which is present in the US.

Although these organic cotton fibers also use same amount of water as the conventional cotton crops, this will not have the chemical hazard part in it. Lots of water is absolutely necessary to enable organic cotton to be processed into the textile form precisely. Bamboo is considered to the best fabric to be used for making clothes for the babies and is also said to be long lasting and Eco-friendly in nature too, since it does not require pesticides to grow. But still there are some organizations which chooses these methods, and so organically grown bamboo is to be considered in the first place.

Bamboo can be dyed easily and so the seepage flowing from the factories is less harmful in nature, when compared with cotton. With all that said, along with the look for the best natural fibers, you also have to be selective with other methods too, to keep your baby’s clothing green.

You can use laundry detergents which do not have any fragrances and dyes in their making process to reduce the impact over baby clothing.

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