Creative nursery decor ideas for twins

Twins double up the excitement and happiness of child birth and at the same time the responsibilities also increases twofold. Decorating a nursery for twins is as much fun as the children themselves. However, there are some basic yet vital elements to keep in mind. Here are some easy yet significant ideas to decorate the special nursery for the dual delight.

1. Start early

It has been observed that generally the twins arrive early than the due date. You would definitely not want to welcome your babies with the ladder and paints around. It’s better to start early to have plenty of spare time in your hand. Start your nursery decoration before the end of the second trimester to be on the safer side and to wait the arrival of your twins with their nursery ready.

2. Decide whether your twins will have individual rooms or shared space

Before getting into the final job of decorating, the most vital question is whether you want your twins to the share the room or keep them in separate rooms. Most of the mothers prefer to keep the twins in the same room for various reasons such as:

1. To maintain and nurture the bonding between the two formed in the womb.

2. To save energy as you will not have to visit two separate rooms for feeding and can also get your twins into the same sleeping pattern to make it less tiresome to manage two infants. All the goodies can be placed in one single room to make it hand as and when you need it.

3. The most important aspect of having a single room for your twins is that it’s more economical and you can save on things like baby monitor, changing table, diaper pail etc to spend it on something more worthwhile.

3. Make sure you have enough space

If you have decided to have a combined nursery for the twins, then you have to ensure enough space for both to be comfortable. You can optimize the space in the room with some smart moves and choices. Like, two cribs can occupy plenty of space. You can use the single crib for both the kids. However, this is only the temporary arrangement as the kids will need their own space to sleep comfortably without getting disturbed. Another solution can be the mini crib. Mini crib is slightly smaller in size than the standard crib. You can also have the twin crib to save space and also to give cozy individual space to your loved ones.

Also while deciding on the nursery furniture pay attention to the minute details to utilize the space in the nursery. You can make the room appear larger with various alternatives. Find the best suitable option to create a larger appearance for the nursery.

4. Crib placement

Before you start decorating the nursery, draw the floor plan first. The crib placement is an important part of the nursery décor. Try and place the other furniture in the places, where the space can be utilized completely.

5. Individualize each baby’s space.

Look for individual themes and décors for your twins to create the individual space for both. If the two have opposite genders then you can use your creativity for the unique individual décor as per their gender.

6. Keep safety aspects in mind

Keep safety as the most important and the main feature of the nursery décor. Make a checklist to keep the safety aspects in mind while decorating the nursery.

7. Think economically

Having a baby in itself is an expensive affair; therefore twins are definitely going to double up the expenses. While decorating the nursery, look for good deals. Nobody wants to compromise on the kids’ requirement however; a little effort can get you good value for money. Don’t go over board with expenses in the nursery, as there are lots of other things for your twins to spend on.

8. Create vertical storage

Plenty of storage is what you will require the most in the nursery. Think vertically to create the storage. Armoire, floor to ceiling shelves, hanging baskets etc are some of the smart ways to utilize the vertical space. You can tuck in the baskets under the crib and can also use the door to hang the laundry bag.

9. Few more ideas

A few other ideas are to keep two lighting options for the twins, so that if one is sleeping the light doesn’t shine o his/her face. You can also take your partner’s or your mother-in-law’s help to feed your twins at the same time. Arrange for two feeding chairs will be good idea. You can also have a day bed or sofa bed, in case you need to put up at the nursery. You can have one dresser for the twins but have closets for their goodies as it will make things easier and handy for you rather than searching through the pile of things for both.

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