Maternity styling tips for party

As the party season is approaching, it is time to plan on your maternity style statement and arrange your wardrobe accordingly. Till your fourth month of pregnancy, you need not worry about maternity clothing. But from the fifth month, you should start wearing them as you will be putting on some weight. Some of the latest trends for the maternity lot for the party season is listed below.

1. Add colors to your wardrobe

Apart from the regular maternity colors like black, brown and grey, add vibrant colors to your pregnancy wardrobe such as purple, orange, lime and yellow. Celebrate your curves with beautiful colors. Bright colors will keep you happy and confident as you walk along to a party. Also, add some bright and bold shoes to your wardrobe as they can make a dull dress look fabulous. Pair up your dresses with chic accessories to add that oomph.

2. Accessorize big

If you are going to a party wearing a pretty dress with contrast shoes, it will be not fair to your maternity curves. For a growing belly, you have to add on accessories such as chunky necklaces, giant earrings or an over sized belt. You can also try out a huge clutch or bag with rustic colors to add glamour to the dress you are wearing. It would suit you well and make you look gorgeous.

3. Print patrol

Go for beautiful color printed palettes instead of a plain color. For maternity fashion, there is no bigger trend than adding printed fabrics to your wardrobe. Choose fabrics with small modern prints and the basic floral prints. Printed dress are mischievous and it goes well with pregnant women as well as the new moms. The right printed dress flaunts the required curves by hiding the other parts.

4. Lovely ruffles

The trend of ruffles can be very experimenting for pregnant ladies. You can try on skirts tiered with ruffles, Victorian-esque ruffled blouses, tunic blouse with chest ruffles but you have to make sure that the ruffles does not fall in the wrong places. It will not be cool otherwise if there are many layers of ruffles falling on your growing belly.

5. The LBD

Whether pregnant or not, the LBD (Little Black Dress) is an iconic requirement in every wardrobe of a women. It is a basic necessity of clothing which never goes out of fashion or style. For a flattering fit on your pregnant body, it is necessary to choose the right silhouette with a figure hugging fabric. Black will always remain the most demandable color in maternity clothing.

6. Go for Gowns

You need the style of red carpet glamour to look perfect for the party season. A long, flowy and floor length dress would create the perfect sense of drama from head to toe for a pregnant women. To give a contemporary effect and look like a goddess, choose a gown with drapes and flowing fabrics which can be worn in various ways. The maxi dress would make you look gorgeous as it glides over your figure. Try to add some jewelries to create a style statement.

7. Casual to Chic

You can easily transform your office casual wear to a stylish party wear without much effort. Choose a dress or a top with sexy neckline or a sophisticated design. After your office gets over, you can add some accessories like a necklace, earpiece, or bangles to your casual dress. You do not have to worry of going to attend a party straight from your office then.

8. Tunics and Leggings

There are varieties of tunics with different fabrics and style. You can wear a sexy tunic with deep color paired up with black leggings and knee length boots. It will give you a smart and elegant look for the party. Accessorize with a belt having a large buckle and you are ready to go.

For maternity styling, it is important to avoid stilettos and high heels. Stick to wedges, platforms, belly shoes or flats. The clothing and accessories for a party are incomplete without a hint of make up such as eye shadows, kohl, mascaras, blusher, concealer, lipstick and gloss. Make up will make you glow and shimmer in the party.

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