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Artists who overcame momentous hurdles for the sake of creativity

<![CDATA[Art is defined in a number of ways. But when nature combines strength and creativity, the result can be seen in the form of one of these human beings. Some people use the term “disabled”, but they will show why you should call them “uniquely able.”

Huang Guofu – painter without hands


Image Source : Dailymail.Co.Uk

This Chinese man lost both his arms when he was a child. But he did not allowed it to be a hurdle between him and painting. At the age of 12, he started practicing painting with his feet and soon with his mouth. Now he is happily married with the woman who fell in love with him at first sight.

Peter longstaff


Image Source : Bocaberta.Org

This noble man will melt your heart with a warm smile and not with the tragic effect of a drug when he was in his mother’s womb. Peter has trouble accomplishing tasks that other would consider “normal,” but he can paint way better than a normal human can. After his retirement from the farm work, he enlisted himself in a movement called “Mouth and Foot Painting Artists” and soon started painting. Now his paintings are displayed in international galleries.

Leanne Beetham

Image Source : HullDailyMail.Co.Uk

The connection she holds with Mother Nature and animals needs a lot more experience than this 26 year old has. She loves to paint an image of the wilds on canvas with her mouth. The beauty in her portraits can be felt within. She has trouble with her spine and joints, but when it comes to painting; nobody can ever guess that the painting is a creation of a specially abled one.

Hal Lasko

Image Source : DigitalMeetsCulture.Net

This story is amazingly inspiring. Hal Lasko almost lost his eyesight and thought that he will never be able to play with colors. But his son taught him how to use paint on his new computer. Now he paints on his computer and is selling his paintings for 98$ on his 98th birthday. What can age do when courage is even taller than it?

Charles Thomas “Chuck” Close

Image Source : I2.Listal.Com

This man is still standing strong even if he is barely able to move. He is a true inspiration as he continues to paint in his unique way and his paintings are able to find a prestigious place in museums and collections.

Fatima Paré

Image Source : MoroccoWorldNews.Com

This Moroccan beauty is paralyzed but is passionate about painting. The paintings of this woman are as real as reality. They are as alive as any breathing thing. The way she expresses herself with just a paint brush and colors is simply a miracle as she turned into painting after an accident leaving her body almost immovable.

Some people show pity on those humans who lost their body parts. All those people should look at these humans and change the way they look at them because they don’t want your pity, all they want is to earn “respect” which they deserve.]]>


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