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Allard Architecture proposes a three-tier wind power project for Netherlands

allard architecture wind turbine strategy 1

When asked to devise a neat design for erecting on-shore, near shore and off shore wind farms, Allard Architecture has done full justice to the client’s aspirations. Allard needed to come up with client-enabled solutions, planning and designing for a truly green project, and it has done exactly the same.

On-shore wind-farm goes along University of Wageningen’s design solution:

allard architecture wind turbine strategy 3

An adjacent natural filtration lagoon is proposed to cleanse the algae-contaminated water in utilizing the electricity generated by the wind turbines. It involves the creation of a barrier along the shore. The clean fresh water will be pumped to an expanding town nearby.

allard architecture wind turbine strategy 7

In order to control the quantity of algae in the lake ecosystem, monitored amounts of salt water will be reintroduced into the lakes. Allard Architecture looks forward to utilizing some of the wind power via a water pump and underwater piping so that it reaches further inland.

Near shore wind-farm lays emphasis on dyke’s development:

allard architecture wind turbine strategy 6

The near shore wind-farm will seek to integrate wind turbine structures to dikes. So, wind turbines are proposed along the dikes on the North Sea side. A wind-farm along the dike interventions will establish a sort of physical barrier and also, the green electricity generated will be sold to national energy suppliers.

Offshore wind-farm employs underwater cable network:

A combination of off-shore wind and natural gas field energy production will follow a shared ring cable infrastructure to transfer the generated power to the shore and also to extract natural gas from gas fields. What it promises is a constant supply of power. Moreover, by placing algae nets between the bases of the wind turbines, the pedestals will serve as new marine habitats for sea creatures.

allard architecture wind turbine strategy 2

Via: World Architecture News

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