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Agriburbia foresees urban housing mixing with sustainable agriculture

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Living in cosmopolitans where concrete is all the rage and we never see a speck of grass around, it’s difficult to fall back on age-old agricultural observances. However, Colorado-based developer Quint Redmond seems to make amends in uniting two outwardly dissimilar genres, namely agriculture and urbanism. He hopes to do it via a sustainably green concept called Agriburbia; it is an idealistic vision attempting to bridge that difference.

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As Treehugger describes it, the future-city allows “residents to be more in touch with the land and the food that comes from it.” So, in a way, the perception notifies to produce, in an urban setting, what we eat. The future infrastructure should take care of the food-related requirements of its occupants. Housing with minimal footprint, pollution-free transport, natural storm water management for irrigation purposes, use of alternative energy, and pedestrian focus, it will be a one-stop destination for the green-dwellers.

Definitely, it’s time to think beyond housing! The fantastic concept visualizes the eco-suburbia with optimism and intent. Moreover going green never means resorting to pristine farming, so none could disregard it if it comes with a touch of sophistry.

Image Source: Agriburbia

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