A father can shape the life and personality of his child

Although fathers do not bear the baby physically but they are always there giving support to the mother and equally excited to welcome their new born. Fathers play a crucial role in parenting as they may not take the place of a mother but are no less in taking care of almost everything. Fathers always strengthen the efforts of mothers and are always there to offer their help.

Fathers have their own ways to interact

Exercising with father. Happy little children bonding to their father doing push-ups in sports club

Fathers act differently. Unlike mothers, they love to wrestle with kids, run after them and prepare them for the external world. They help kids build up the confidence and teach them to take new challenges in life. Fathers do not try to communicate with their kids in their language but it never keeps them from getting close to their kids.

They have their own way to communicate, which may be different from mothers but equally effective. Research says that fathers actually prepare their kids for the real world challenges and make them stronger to face them. Whereas mothers try to keep their kids safe, fathers help them learn the skill to deal with hardships in life.

The role of a protector

Playful daughters on top of father at home

Fathers play an altogether different role in parenting. They act as a protector who provides financial, social and emotional security to their kids. Kids always look up to their dads when it comes to facing difficulties of life and dads give them the strength to carry on regardless of challenges life throw at them.

Psychologists say that due to the ongoing trends of single parents and lack of understanding between spouses kids usually suffer a lot. Kids who have to live without a father easily become victims of psychological, emotional and behavioral problems.

Father discipline the kids

Father and daughter with a tablet

It does not mean mothers have no role to play here but primarily fathers discipline their kids. They usually have a right to say the final word and kids really look forward to the moment. Fathers handle the complex issues that mothers want them to handle, as kids know that their decision would be final. It does not mean that fathers do not love their kids but they know that they have to help them learn the value of rules and regulations.

Fathers groom their kids

Hipster father playing with his little daughter in the green park.

Fathers teach their kids that it is important to have emotional stability in life. Kids who are close to their dads often turn out to be stronger human beings who have full control over their lives and its events. They know that failures and mistakes are unavoidable but they help you learn a lot in life. Fathers inculcate values like discipline, honesty and commitment in sons. They teach their daughters that they deserve to get equal respect in society.

The role of a provider

A young father has his toddler son on riding on his shoulders, and they are playing on the white sand beach by the ocean on a family summer vacation.

Fathers not only provide financial security to their kids but also teach them the value of saving resources for future. Kids often look up to them and learn to be financially independent in life. Fathers teach them that financial security helps increase their likelihood of living a safe and secure life.

Fathers prepare their kids for the real world

Father putting sunglasses on son

Fathers prepare their kids for the real world difficulties. They teach their sons what it’s like to be strong and sturdy. They make them aware that they must channel their energy and strength in positive ways. Those girls who are fortunate enough to live with their dads know that woman deserve equal respect. They know that woman is an important part of the civilized society.

It may be difficult for a father to fit into the role of a mother, as they are larger than life. However, you cannot really deny that fathers make their kids feel protected and prepare them for the real world challenges. They make their kids strong enough to face hardships of life.


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