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9 Ways To Adapt The Green Employee Benefits For Your Organization


The new generation of job seekers is looking for job opportunities that align with their personal beliefs and career objectives. This generation is not only more environmentally aware, but also more proactive about making a positive difference to the environment. The new ‘green’ workforce is interested to work for an organization that is perceived as benefiting the environment. To attract ‘green’ employees, your organization should ideally adapt Green Employee Benefits. People are looking forward to work for organizations that have an embedded culture of sustainability, in which the employees working for the organization can help to give back to the community and work for the conservation of resources. Here are 9 ways in which you can link employees’ green values to their daily work in your organization:

Ask suggestions from your employees


Your employees will be more than happy to give suggestions about making your organization more eco-friendly. Listening to their opinions and implementing them would help you to retain the green-skilled workers in your company. You might encourage them to form a ‘Green Team’, which can meet weekly or monthly and spearhead green changes in the company – such as the use of recycled paper, drawing up carpool routes, and so on.

Help them make eco-friendly changes at home

eco friendly refrigerator

There should not be a disconnect between the way an employee behaves at home and in the office. To help your employees continue their environmentally responsible behaviour at home and at work, you can help them buy energy efficient electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. You can also help your employees buy and install solar panels so that they can save more on energy bills and conserve resources.

Encourage green transport


As part of your green initiative, you can help your employees invest in green transport such as electric bikes. Cars and bikes emit a lot of greenhouse gases, which can be avoided with the help of transport running on electricity. You could also start running an electric bus that can pick up and drop your employees. This will prevent the use of private cars and make employees feel that the company is committed to making environmental – friendly changes.

Choose green themes and concepts for events

Whether it is holiday parties, recognition ceremonies, benefits enrolment and health fairs, or staff meetings, an environment-friendly theme would help to embed green behaviour in your employees. This would also help employees to be eco-conscious in all their decisions.

Make green retirement options available

 green retirement options

Your organization should make an effort to find out in depth about the companies in which your employees can invest in for their retirement. These companies should not in any way support the use of fossil fuels, such as gas, oil, and coal. 

Look beyond…

…what is obvious. There are many small changes that you can implement as part of your ‘going green’ strategy. Writing about the advantages of mass transport, electric bikes, cycling, walking is certainly helpful. But this and any information should be presented as concisely as possible so that you print fewer leaves, and save paper and money. Going into the nitty-gritty of your organizations will throw up many areas which could be made greener. Using ambient light, discouraging the use of disposables, insisting on eating healthy can also be part of your green effort.

Tie up with CSA programs

organic food

Give your employees access to fruit and vegetables which are grown locally. You can participate in the Community Supported Agricultural programs and thus empower your employees to help the local farmers, support the local economy and buy fresh fruits and vegetable, right from the source. Like most people these days, your employees too would definitely be interested in eating healthy. Being able to do this through the office’s green programs would be very close to their concept of living a healthy and eco-friendly life.

Tell everyone

Review your company’s green benefits and share this with everyone, including employees, shareholders, job candidates, media and your community. Your ad campaigns should focus on the Green Employee benefits so that your company can attract the right kind of attention from the public, present and future employees.

Laud their efforts

online Congratulate publicly the efforts of those of your employees who actively participate in your organization’s green initiatives. Publish an online quarterly newsletter which tells their stories. This might inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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