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Explore Some of the Easiest Ways to Design Your Own Logos in Minutes


A logo is very important for all those who seek to build a brand and who want to be recognized quickly. However, sometimes there are not enough resources (especially when starting a project) to hire a designer, so designing your own logos becomes the only option. Fortunately, there are many logo creation tools on your site that help you design your own professional looking logos in just a matter of seconds, by offering very simple editing tools and a large database of graphics resources.

Here we will show you some options to design your own logos online right from your browser.


Designimo is an online tool that offers hundreds of pre-designed logo options to which you only have to put the name of your company and your slogan so that your logo will be generated quickly. Of course, you can customize the font, color & style to fit your own desires.

It gives you some freedom, and you can create as many logos as you want for free. The full logo in high-resolution will cost you $ 29.95.


Logojoy works in a different way. This one asks you to enter your company name, pick several logos you like, selects colors that you prefer and some shapes that seem coherent with your brand.

After that, it shows several options using the fonts, colors and shapes you chose in different combinations. Once you find something that you want, it gives you the option to customize it even more by changing fonts, colors, spacing and so on.

When your logo is ready, you must sign up and choose between downloading a single file as inspiration for your designer for 20 dollars, or buying the complete package for $ 65.



DesignEvo is a very simple yet excellent logo maker. You can start with a pre-made logo by choosing from more than 3000 templates with different fonts, colors and shapes and then customize it according to what you need.

The logo editor is powerful and easy to use. It contains lots of pre-made graphics and fonts so you do not have to design and organize them yourself. You just choose them to use and that’s it. No need to download any extra software on your computer.

Obtaining a low-resolution logo for your website or social media is completely free, while if you need high-resolution PDF or SVG vectors, you can pick a package between 19.99 dollars and 39.99 dollars.


This online tool allows you to create your logo with absolute ease. However, among other options, I think this is the one that gives the best results: more aesthetic and more professional. Of course, you can modify the result as you please and it gives you several easy-to-use options. To use it, you will have to register.

However, there are no free options. You will have to pay $9.99 for a month of subscription to obtain the files or $ 49.99 for the Premium plan, which delivers vector files.


Designing your own logos has never been so simple. With so many tools available in the market, there is no need to worry about that you don’t have any graphics knowledge and experience. Just boost your creativity and create your own custom logo to gain high recognition of your brand.

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