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7 Great ideas for enjoying St. Patrick’s Day with a green thumb

You don’t have to be Irish in order to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. While this gives you a valid excuse to spend the day drinking and partying with friends, it does not give you an excuse to spend the day littering the surrounding areas and contributing to environmental degradation. How then can you go about enjoying St. Patrick’s Day and still not harm the environment? Here are some green drinking tips to help you out.

Ditch the Guinness Beers and Choose Cocktails instead

 Choose Cocktails

Instead of opting for the standard beers, consider serving cocktails instead. You can create a diverse range of cocktails for guests to choose from. These cocktails will prevent the carbon footprint related to the waste created by beer cans and bottles. They will also add some much needed refreshment on the drinks table by allowing your guests to choose from a varied list of options.

Choose organic wine

organic wine

If you need to choose wine, consider opting for organic varieties that don’t come with preservatives. While boxed wine is considered as the most eco-friendly option, you can also go in for bottled wine in case the bottles are recyclable.

Opt for locally brewed beer

locally brewed beer

If your guests insist on having beer, consider sourcing the same from local breweries. This will reduce the carbon footprint related to the production and transportation of conventional beers from other areas. It would also enable you to send the bottles/cans back to the brewery afterwards, thus reducing the waste produced otherwise.

Choose beer cans over beer bottles

Beer and ice

If your party is going to feature lots of beer, better have it in cans instead of in bottles. Cans weigh comparatively lesser than bottles. This would, in turn, reduce the carbon footprint related to the transportation of these cans to your home. Of course, if you find a brewery that recycles its bottles, you can opt for bottled beer and then send the bottles back to the brewery afterwards. If that is not possible though, remember, stick to cans!

Check for eco-friendly production standards

wine from a local brewery

When choosing beer or wine from a local brewery, check the production standards of the latter to see if they are environmentally friendly. Factors like local distillation and use of minimal resources indicate how eco-friendly a drink and the company behind it is. Opting for such drinks would ensure that you remain within the limit and still enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.-

Accordingly, some eco-friendly drink choices in this case (in the U.S.) include the Bluecoat American Gin, VeeV, Blue Ice Organic American Wheat Vodka, WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey, Organic Nation Vodka, Peaks Spirits Cap Rock Organic Gin, Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye and Art in the Age Sage. These drinks have been entirely of natural materials in local breweries that follow strict environmental standards when it comes to energy and water usage. As such, these sustainable drinks will help you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day wholesomely without worrying about harming the environment in any way.

Consider the disposables

serve drinks in glasses

Don’t focus on the drinks alone, but also on the disposables you would be using in the party. Stay away from plastic cups and glass straws. Rather, serve drinks in glasses. Also make it a point to opt for cloth napkins over the standard paper ones. This way, you can ensure that your St. Patrick’s Day party is truly eco-friendly.

Make eco-friendly ice cubes

eco-friendly ice cubes

Ice cubes would be mandatory in any St. Patrick Day’s party. Instead of making ice using the automatic ice maker in your fridge, consider making ice the traditional way in an ice tray. Not only will this reduce the amount of energy used up in creating these ice cubes, but it would also make your drinks healthier and more eco-friendly.

There is no need to not enjoy your favorite drinks and still protect the environment on St. Patrick’s Day. Using locally sourced drinks and eco-friendly ice cubes are only some of the ways you can make the day enjoyable as well as environmentally friendly.


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