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Style trends we would not like to see in 2015

We humans manage to look beautiful thanks to all the beauty trends. They are the trends that keep changing giving place to new ones. A beauty trend that looks awesome today will look not so good or even awful after some time.

Whereas, some trends seem loveable forever, as people just cannot help stop loving them. In this article, we have brought for you some of the beauty trends of recent past, which once took the world by storm but now they do not seem to be impressing people anymore. Therefore, such trends are the ones that probably we will not get to see in 2015:

Too much of contouring

Too much of contouring or you call it noticeable contouring is a pattern women follow to enhance their not so sharp features. To highlight cheekbones and jaw lines in such a manner that you hardly look like having your own face but an altogether different mask. It used to look good but now is the time of subtle contouring. You do contouring while ensuring your face looks more natural yet beautiful. Subtle contouring is all about sculpting your cheekbones to perfection without overdoing it.

Messy false eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes in order to get a lot more attention to your eyes is something many women do and some women overdo it by wearing those fan-like thick and messy looking false eyelashes. It no more looks cool, so refrain from false eyelashes and use mascara to bring on the same voluminous eyelash effect. In case, mascara does not give you the desired effect, you can cut a false lash into half and wear it on the sides of both your eyelashes. This way, your eyes will look attractive without any mess.

Super-dark smoky eyes

First smoky eyes are too hard to carry off well, and secondly, smoky eye makeup has to have a perfect dimension to look good. These two facts make smoky eye makeup a tough choice because not many women are adept at doing it perfect. Super-dark smoky eye makeup with the jet-black tone starting from the eyelashes up until the eyebrow bone is no more in.

Overdone pencil eyebrows

Natural eyebrows have a beautiful feathery and light shape, even the eyebrows drawn with pencils must look the same but some women forget this simple thing. They happen to overfill their brows and some make it sharp or boxy as squared off at the beginning, as if it is some diagram from the geometry class. They look pathetic and hope we do not get to see them in 2015.

3-D nail art

Image Source : TheOnlineCentral.Com

The 3-D nail art made quite a stir in the year 2014; it was loved and followed at a large scale. However, this New Year seems to be getting away with this nail art because year 2015 has more space for transparent or nude nail patterns. Shorter nails with a nice and simple nail paint on it that can bring out the goodness of the natural look of your nails.

Hairdo with forced waves

Waves on hair look superb and as it is straight hair are giving way to the curled up hair all over again. However, the hairstyles with those forced waves that looked quite good in the recent years do not look good now, and 2015 is the year of natural waves and no forced waves.

There is nothing wrong to follow a trend your heart allows you to, and to follow it till you feel right, but following recent trends that others also follow make you more hot and happening.


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