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Getting your child’s room ready and making it last

Designing a room for kids gives a fair share of immense pleasure and challenge to parents. It is a pleasure as parents find it good to design a place their kid starts living and learning in, and it is a challenge because parents are responsible for each and everything they provide their kids with in their room.

Kids evolve and so does their room, as in you cannot design a room for your child for a number of years altogether, rather it requires a redesign after every passing year of their mental and overall growth. It should be a room that suits every phase of a child’s development and not just a room that is phase-bound. So here are some tips for all the parents, which will help you all design a room for your kid that is not phase-bound:

Think about future

You ought to have a futuristic mind while designing your children’s room. They are small today but they are going to grow soon, and accordingly their needs and requirements would also grow. Keep this in mind while designing their storage, closets and beds; do not make them small if you have no plans of discarding them in near future.

Wallpaper over painting in room

Painting your kids room with Mickey Mouse and other cartoon character patterns, or all those flowers on the pink and blue walls look good, and your kids would also love them but only for a short period. After sometime, your kids will get bored of it and will start demanding for a new paint because kids are supposed to be like this, and this is where parents have to think of practically.

You should choose wallpapers over paints for your children’s room because knowing their unpredictable tastes, painting their room often is just not feasible. On the other hand, wallpapers are easy to put and easy to take off, so no paint for kid’s room.

Know their interests well

Kids are free-spirited and they happen to like things that interest them, and not because their parents like them. Therefore, taking into consideration what your child likes while designing their room is must.

Give their room a nice theme they like, decorate it with accessories they like the most, and furniture that you place in their room has to be of their choice. Besides their choice, keep their growing age in mind, so do not spend much on accessories that suits their present phase because soon their next phase is going to reject them all.

Multipurpose furniture serves the purpose well

Growing kids means growing need of space and storage as well. You should keep this point in mind while buying furniture for your children’s room. Try to invest in multipurpose furniture that serves more than one purpose and saves space altogether.

Buy a sofa for their room that doubles itself into storage as well, which your children can use to store their toys. Get a study table that is also a computer table that your child can use in the coming phases of his life. Purchase a bed that also has storage to store blankets, books, or whatever your child would like to store in it in future.

In order to design rooms for kids that are not phase-bound, one must keep the future in mind, as in kids are going to grow and probably would not like things as they like today. This futuristic thinking makes it easier for parents to design a room that fulfills all the demands of the present phase and the future phases altogether.

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