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6 tips to soothe a crying toddler

All toddlers cry for some or the other reason. They may be trying to tell you something but are not able to. There is nothing more irritating, annoying or even painful when you see your darling cry. It is however a way of communicating for various needs. Parents should be able to rightly identify what their baby is crying for and do the needful immediately. First-time parents can find it more difficult to identify the reasons behind the tears. There are various reasons for their crying. It could be because of hunger, due to a dirty nappy, being tired or just because he is frustrated at not being able to get what he wants. Sometimes it could be due to something that you can never make out. This can make you worried that something is seriously wrong somewhere. So, what should you do during such instances? Read and find out the different ways of dealing with baby cries.

1. Needs to be fed

This is one of the most common reasons why your toddler begins to cry. Most of them know that they can get what they want by shedding tears. So the first thing to ensure when your baby is crying, is to see that you feed him well and get rid of his hunger. When the stomach is full he stops crying. But if he does not stop even after feeding then look out, there is something else.

2. Uncomfortable

Sometimes the toddlers start crying all of a sudden. You may even be terrified by the sound he makes. If you are sure that your baby is not hungry then take a look at his clothes. He may not be comfortable wearing them. It could be too tight or lose and interfering in his activities. So change the clothes immediately and make him feel comfortable. Always use clothes that are comfortable for the tender skin and do not cause any kind of allergic reactions.

3. Attention

If you are out in the public and have to deal with such a situation where your toddler start screaming suddenly, do not panic or get embarrassed. You may even have to deal with the dirty looks thrown at you by the onlookers. Forget all that and focus on your child. See what is wrong with him or what he requires. It will help you a lot in dealing with his problem and soothing him.

4. Tummy Ache

No matter what you do, your baby continues to cry and it becomes uncontrollable. Check whether he is crying just after being fed. It could be due to a mysterious condition called colic. He may be fussy and behave in a strange manner. Your child may be crying due to tummy ache or gas. Many parents try to use some over-the-counter medications like gripe water or gas drops. If you feel that it is due to gas you can lay him on his back, hold his feet and move his legs in a gentle motion as if bicycling. This can bring great relief.

5. Talk to them

The best way to deal with crying toddlers is to talk to them, use words that they understand and try to find out their problem. Some children may cry even if they require some kind of attention from their parents. Or it could be simple reasons like not able to find or reach a particular toy, or the dress getting entangled, insect bite etc. So talk to them and try to guess the reasons and find a solution immediately.

6. No shouting, please!

The most important thing to remember while dealing with such situations is not to shout at your crying child. He is crying to get some help. You will be annoying him further if you begin to shout at him. So try to control your temper even if you are in the middle of any work and pay attention to your child. He does not know that you are busy. Try to examine what is wrong and act accordingly. If you are not able to control the situation you can take the help of your spouse or speak to a doctor immediately.

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